The Best Pittsburgh locations for spring portraits

Some years it seems that spring takes a little bit longer to arrive in Pittsburgh than other years. This seems to be one of them. Snowflakes flying on May 9th?!? No thank you. But even with that little unexpected cold snap: spring weather, warmer temps, and sunshine will be here to stay for the next few months. With the warm temps and being cooped up inside for months, it’s the perfect time to plan for family portraits but where are the best places?

There are some truly beautiful Pittsburgh locations for family portraits.  Whether they’re for whole families, just the kids, or senior portraits, it’s easy to find a gorgeous backdrop for your next session.  Not only does Pittsburgh have beautiful urban spots around town but it also has some really gorgeous parks both right in town or within a short drive.  When planning a portrait session, you’re going to want to consider a number of things as you decide on location but first, I always recommend my clients to look at pictures.  That’s the best way to start narrowing down the perfect location for your session.

I’ll be sharing a variety of sessions and locations in this post.  Some are seniors, some are families.  For the most part, all of the location options can work for any type of session so keep that in mind.

Dahntahn!  Pittsburgh city portrait spots!

I love photographing in the city! The bridges, the buildings, the shore areas!  So many beautiful locations!  And I know how to plan to make the most of these locations.

1. The Bridges

Image of a teen portrait by Jodi Walsh Photography. the image shows a teen girl with curly hair, sitting on the yellow metal beam of the Rachel Carson Bridge in Pittsburgh. The wind is blowing her hair slightly and she has a serious look.

The Bridges

2. The South Side

image of a senior portrait by Jodi Walsh Photography. image shows a senior young man in a white dress shirt and khaki pants, sitting on a stone wall, smiling. You can see an outline of the Hot Metal Bridge in the distance.

The South Side

4. Oakland

image of a family portrait by Jodi Walsh Photography. the image shows a family with mom, dad, and two young girls sitting on the lawn at the Cathedral of Learning, Pitt campus, Pittsburgh

Cathedral of Learning, Pitt campus

image of pre-teen sisters hugging on a bridge in Oakland.  The younger sister wears glasses.  They're both smiling.  The bridge fencing is covered with a variety of combination locks and padlocks.


Pittsburgh Park portrait locations

Pittsburgh had so many gorgeous parks and they are beautiful all year round.  

1. Schenley Park

image of a little boy with orange hair wearing a nave sweater vest and cargo pants standing and grinning in the middle of a path through Schenley Park.

Panther Hollow, Schenley Park

2. Franklin Park

image of a mother and daughter sitting in the grass in a beautiful green park.  The daughter is looking up at her mother and grinning.  The mother is looking down and laughing.

Franklin Park

3. North Park

closeup image of senior girl with long blonde hair, standing in blooming honey suckle branches

North Park

image of two sisters sitting on a fallen log over a creek.  They're looking at each other and smiling as their feet dangle in the water.

Fall Run Park

There’s also Mellon Park, Point State Park, South Park, and Squaw Valley Park to name a few more.   We’re pretty lucky to live in such a beautiful region!

But these are only a few of the gorgeous Pittsburgh locations for portraits.  When you’re ready to schedule your next portrait session, we’ll talk over all the options so that we can be sure to pick the spot that’s just perfect for your family!

Are you ready to start capturing your special family moments?  Send me a message and we can chat!

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