Celebrate Moms with Photography

Let’s take time to celebrate moms with hugs!  Take time to celebrate moms with kisses

Moms, you are doing an awesome job!

Even in the midst of your struggles,

you are doing what you can to love your family and that’s enough!

I’m sure I’m not the only mom who needs to hear that. Especially entering another month of social distancing (at least for Western Pennsylvania).  The corona-virus has piled even more on top of many moms’ already full plates.  It’s rough!

In the middle of it all, I have to admit; I love seeing all of the photos that people are sharing on social media.  I’m seeing families playing together, families helping, families enjoying little moments, and most of all, families carrying each other through some pretty difficult circumstances.  It seems like moms are the ones sharing most of these photos, so I wanted to take a moment to encourage those moms to make sure they are getting into the photos with their kids.  Pass the phone, pass the camera.  Have someone snap a photo of you and your kids, snuggling, playing, baking, whatever it is that you’re doing together, make sure that you capture it.

My Favorite Photos that Celebrate Mom!

To help celebrate moms and hopefully encourage all of the moms who are working so hard these days, I wanted to share some of my favorite photos of moms and their kiddos that I’ve taken over the years.  They’re in no particular order and this is not the whole list but these were a few special ones that I thought I would share.

celebrate moms of boys.  Image of mother with three sons standing next to a brick wall in the Strip District..  Two of the boys are teens and mom has her arms around their necks.  The littlest boy is hugging his older brother.  They're are all grinning.

image of mother with three sons standing next to a brick wall in the Strip District..  Two of the boys are teens and mom has her arms around their necks.  The littlest boy is hugging his older brother.  They're are all grinning.

black and white image of a mom sitting in an armchair in a living room, cradling her son

image of a mom holding her toddler daughter up over her head.  The little girl is laughing looking down at her mama and mom is looking up smiling.

Image of a mother with three young daughters.  Mom is in the center with her girls all covering her with kisses. They're all grinning.  We celebrate moms with kisses.close up black and white image of a mother sitting on a front step, holding her newborn close to her chest

image of a mother hugging her young son.  The boy is in front and grinning with his eyes closed.  Mom is standing behind with her arms wrapped around his shoulders.  She's looking at the camera, smiling.  They're in a park in the fall.


What makes all of these images so special?

It’s because they show that special connection moms have with their kids. Whether they’re newborn or older, our kids are our worlds, and images that show our love for them are the most precious images you can have.

I’m sure the past couple of months have been so challenging for all of us. For some, being in close quarters with our kids is a bit more than we wanted. For others, the struggle has been having to be away from our kids. Whatever your situation is, take time this weekend to hug your mom (if you can), call your mom, and better yet, try to get a photo with your mom. Moms, try to get a photo with your kids. Grab Dad, grab a neighbor, anyone with a camera. Give your kids a hug and have them snap the picture. Don’t worry about looking and smiling. Capture the connection.

One final set of photos- two of my favorites of me and my mom!

image of two older photos of photographer Jodi Walsh with her mom.  The first image is from the early 80s.  A young mother holds a toddler girl and a Mickey Mouse balloon. The other image is a black and white photo of a mother hugging her daughter as a bride.

And if it’s been a while since you had family portraits, please contact me.  Take the time to plan to have photos with your kids!

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