Keep up the good work, dads!

You are needed!  You are enough!

These past few months have been challenging for families and for many dads.  And I’ve seen so many Pittsburgh dads rising to the challenge of caring for their families in this crazy time.  I’ve seen dads trying to balance working from home while also overseeing their kids’ school work and trying to keep them entertained.  I’ve seen single dads sacrifice their time with their kids in order to keep them safe from the virus.  There are new dads learning all of the new things that come with bringing home their brand-new baby, from diapers to bottles and everything in between.  There are older dads learning technology in order to stay connected to their adult kids and grand-kids while maintaining social distancing. I’ve seen dads of all colors marching so that their kids can grow up in a better world than we currently have.

I’ve seen so many dads trying to keep loving and supporting their families as best they can in the middle of incredibly challenging times.

And I want to say, you’re doing good work.

One of the challenging things about parenting is that it’s a marathon.  It’s the accumulation of interactions over time.  Sometimes small moments.  Sometimes big events.  It’s hard to keep that perspective when we’re in the middle of extra stressful times.

I wanted to take some time to offer encouragement and share how photos can help with keeping that perspective of accumulating moments over time.  These are some of my favorite photos of Pittsburgh dads being dad.  They’re in no particular order and this isn’t all of them but just a few that I thought were special.

My Favorite Pittsburgh Dad Photos

black and white image of a dad hugging his little girl. He's looking down and smiling and she's looking up and grinning.image of a dad kneeling down with his elbows on his knees and his daughter standing behind him, her arms around his shoulders. They're both smiling. They're posed in front of large industrial tires with graffiti on them. image of a dad with his toddler daughter riding on his shoulders. He's wearing glasses and has a dark beard. They're both grinning and holding hands.Image of a father and young daughter. Daddy is kneeling and looking at his daughter while holding her hand as she smiles at him and goes to twirl. They're on a pathway in Mellon and white image of a father wearing a Pittsburgh Dad t-shirt cradling his newborn baby.image of a dad hugging his pre-teen daughters while standing on a bridge in Oakland. The fencing on the bridge is covered with different sized and colored pad locks.image of a father and son dressed in costumes with capes having a pretend sword fight in the woods of Schenley park. The boy is early teens and is wearing a long gold cape and holding a wooden sword as his dad blocks the and white image of a father and mother and newborn baby girl in their home. The dad is in the background looking intently down into his daughter's face as mom cradles her looking down too.image of a father holding his newborn son while standing outside. The baby is wrapped in a white blanket and the dad is gently kissing the top of his head.


Photos help us to remember and Dads, it’s important for you to exist in photos.  Your kids want to see photos of you with them.  They want to see you laughing, loving, playing.  I want to encourage you to be part of portraits with your family but not just the formal, posed smiling portraits.  Be in the pictures!  Be photographed doing all of those special things that you do with your kids.

If it feels like it’s time for new portraits, let’s talk.  Let’s celebrate and capture YOU!  No fancy clothes needed. Contact me to start planning.

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