Who Needs a Creative Headshot?

For The Professional

Whether you are perfectly content in your current job or possibly looking for a better fit, having a creative headshot makes a great first impression. Businesses are often checking out LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., looking for candidates.

creative headshot of professional man in blue suit with beard and glasses
A creative headshot session is a great way to celebrate finishing a degree and preparing yourself for your next career.

For The Entrepreneur

Many of us have our own business, are thinking of starting a business, or at the very least have a side hustle to earn extra money. From web design to arts and crafts, from selling homemade cupcakes or driving for Uber, if you have a social platform for your business or even a blog, you should have a professional headshot. This helps to create that great first impression that lets you start connecting with your potential clients.

professional woman in Pittsburgh area farmer's market
Creative business owners should have creative headshots. Move beyond the selfie to a professional portrait that also tells the story of your business.

But I don’t have a business of my own. Why would I need a professional creative headshot?

For You

When was the last time you had a professional portrait taken of just you? For some that hasn’t happened since they were a high school senior. Yes, maybe you’ve had wedding photos or family portraits with your kids but what about just you. What about just you looking your best and feeling your best about what you’ve accomplished? Having a great portrait of yourself can be a daily boost to your self-esteem. It can be a celebration of a milestone birthday, beating cancer, or just surviving the terrible twos or tweens with your kids. A great portrait can be that reminder that even though in this moment my hair is a mess and I’m sitting here in my PJs, I clean up really nice and look great!

professional head shot photos of three Pittsburgh women
For your career, your business or just you, it’s worth investing in a creative professional headshot.

We are visual creatures and respond to images. Having a great self-portrait helps to combat all of the negative messages we struggle against on a daily basis. Celebrate you and your accomplishments both personal and professional, let’s connect and start planning your creative headshot portrait session.

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