This week I’m traveling back to August 2012.  Not too far back but far enough.  You see, since spring has been off to a slow start, I’ve had time to work on some more personal projects.  Lately, I’ve been tackling vacation photos that were taken and forgotten.  It can be so hard to keep up with these pictures.  We often take our vacation in August which is a busy time in the photography world plus often, after we get home from vacation, it’s time to start preparing for back to school.  I’ll end up looking at a few of our vacation pictures and then the rest get set aside in a folder and are forgotten.

Not any more though.  I’m trying to cull, edit, print and then back up our vacation pictures so that the kids can actually look back through these pictures and not have to bug me to see them on the computer.

This particular vacation was to Virginia Beach and to Colonial Williamsburg.  The kids loved Williamsburg.  Caleb is such a history buff, he was fascinated by all the buildings and people dressed in period costumes.  Plus, there was a scavenger hunt which is always a hit with my crew.  If you ever get the opportunity check out RevQuest.  It’s an interactive scavenger hunt type of program that really lets you get involved in the historical events of that day.

This image was taken in the backyard of one of the buildings.  We were waiting to make contact with the Greyhound, a British soldier who was sympathetic to the colonies.  Our mission was to try to get a message to a slave that was spying on the British for the colonies.  It was very exciting and Sadie especially embraced her role as a spy.

During this trip, I decided to give Sadie the point and shoot camera to practice with while I used my regular camera.  Most of her images were out of focus or of the gravel roads but she still had fun.

My Edit- Since this was a forgotten image, I don’t have an original edit to share.

VABeach 2012_6205 f web

Original Image

VABeach 2012_6205 web

And for something different, I thought I might share some of our other vacation photos.

Williamsburg collage2014-04-23_0001A little collage.  Caleb consulting the map (top), Caleb checking out the metal map outside the visitor’s center (center, left), A pretty butterfly in the gardens (center, right), Sadie playing hide-n-seek in the maze (bottom)

Williamsburg2014-04-23_0003A man working on leather goods.  I’m pretty sure he was the shoemaker but I’m not sure.  The shop was full of tourists watching and he was very focused.  I did love watching his hands work.

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