Easter Egg Time!

I’m the worst when it comes to holidays.  I will just put it right out there for the world to see.  I don’t know what it is but I just procrastinate and then it’s a scramble but this year, I’m declaring victory!

You see, for the past several years, no matter how much planning it always happens that the day before Easter is the day that we finally get around to dying the eggs.  It’s crazy because by this time there are no egg dying kits available.  You’re lucky if you can even manage to grab a dozen of eggs at all.

So why am I declaring victory you ask?  Well because it is 2 days before Easter and our eggs are colored!

Coloring Eggs with Crayons

I happened to be on Pinterest and saw a post about using crayons to color eggs.  This looked interesting and being a crafty, artsy person who also really does not like the smell of vinegar, I was prepared to try it.  I checked out the post to make sure it didn’t require some bizarre or magical ingredient (nope, just crayons and an egg) so that’s what we (meaning me) decided to do.

It actually wasn’t too bad but there were 2 minor issues.

The challenges of coloring Easter Eggs with crayons

Challenge #1

The eggs are hot.  Duh, I know, but seriously, they are quite warm to my adult fingers so of course, the kids did some complaining.  Still, they managed to persevere and created some interesting-looking eggs.

Challenge #2

The crayon smudges.  This was unexpected and I even went back to the post to see if there was something I missed in the instructions to prevent or manage the smudge.  There wasn’t.  The best we could manage was to hold the egg at the top and bottom and try to spin it around as we worked.  However, Sadie managed to get creative and spent the entire time working on one egg.  She would carefully draw on it and then use the napkin to rub it off, leaving a stain.  She did this over and over and it turned out pretty nice.

So here is our adventure with crayon Easter eggs.  Enjoy!  and Happy Easter!



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