Celebrating milestones is an important part of being a parent.  We start marking the passage of time for our kids before they’re even out of our tummies, calculating days, weeks and months.  Marking our babies growth in comparison to fruit (yep, we were doing that over Christmas as we checked how my sister-in-law’s new baby was developing. For those who are curious, she was a pepper).

Then when baby enters the world, we mark hours, days, weeks.  I remember being in the hospital the day after my first was born, looking down as I held my son and thinking to myself, “this time yesterday, you weren’t here” and just being amazed at how big of a change can happen in such a short period of time.  This is something I continue to marvel at as that tiny little baby is now my big man-child as he creeps closer and closer to being a teenager.  Those baby-days almost seem like a dream…

But back to milestones and celebrating this particular milestone- turning 2!

2 yr olds get a bad rap.

They’ve been labeled the “terrible 2s” just because things can be a little challenging.  I have always loved the terrific 2s and I have a lot of sympathy for the difficulties these little guys and girls go through.  This is possibly one of the first big transition ages that kids go through.  They are finally taking big steps (figuratively and literally) towards being their own independent person.  They’ve tackled walking and are quickly figuring talking but it’s all new and needs a lot of work.  They can walk but still a bit unsteady.  They can talk but they’re still really working on figuring out language and how to best use it.  That’s more than enough to bring on a tantrum out of frustration with everything.  So yeah, cut these little guys and gals some slack.  They have a lot going on in those little bodies and minds.

And this particular 2 year old, I absolutely LOVE!!  Check out his pictures and tell me that face does not make your heart melt.

Session Details

  • Session type:  in home studio style, child
  • Subject:   2 year old boy, 3 year old girl
  • Location: North Hills, Pittsburgh

toddler boy in blue and gray sweater, in-home Pittsburgh studio portrait sessiontoddler boy, wooden truck, in-home studio child portrait session, Pittsburghtoddler boy, wooden truck, in-home studio, North Hills, Pittsburgh, Jodi Walsh Photographytoddler boy, in-home studio, North Hills, Pittsburgh, Jodi Walsh Photography

I’ve been photographing this little guy since he came into the world!  You can see his Fresh48 session at Heritage Valley Hospital, Sewickley, here.  He and his big sister have both grown so much!

little girl, in-home studio, North Hills, Pittsburgh, Jodi Walsh Photography

Yes, I had to take just a few of big sister by herself- how can you not with those gorgeous eyes!  And don’t be fooled, she is not that serious at all!

siblings, in-home studio, North Hills, Pittsburgh, Jodi Walsh Photographysiblings, in-home studio, North Hills, Pittsburgh, Jodi Walsh Photographysiblings, in-home studio, North Hills, Pittsburgh, Jodi Walsh Photography

These two love each other so much and will be so good to baby #3 arriving in April!

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