Senior Season Begins

I recently had the pleasure of photographing a stunning summer senior session on Herrs Island in Pittsburgh. This setting is one of my favorite locations especially at sunset. And with the stone stairs down to look out at the water, the train trestles, and the tall grassy area, it was the perfect backdrop for capturing the authentic and natural beauty of this senior girl in her element.

What made this session even more special was that this senior is a close friend of my daughter’s from her years of ballet and I’ve been photographing her since they were both little. You can see some of her ballet photos here. Capturing this milestone was so special.

For this portrait session, my senior had three outfits and then I included a special gown for a fun addition at the end. For all my senior sessions, I encourage at least two outfits – one formal look and one more casual. Typically, most seniors will bring 3 or 4 outfits. Dressing up is one of the most fun aspects of these sessions. As a photographer, I love seeing their faces get new energy with each new outfit. (even the guys have fun with this)

First up was a beautiful white dress that looked so romantic and fit perfectly with the stone steps and tall grassy fields. This is why I ask for all my seniors to share either photos or descriptions of their outfits. It helps me to visualize as I’m planning out their session. After the dress, it was time for some more casual outfits. Some comfortable jeans and a black top worked well with the rusted train trestle and overgrown hillside in the background. Then one more change to a cute little skirt and top that looked so perfect with the brick archway.

The Dress

images of a senior girl wearing a white dress, standing next to the stone wall and steps on Herrs Island.

images of a senior girl, wearing a white dress. She's standing in a field of tall grasses and wildflowers on Herrs Island in Pittsburgh.

The Jeans

image of a senior girl wearing jeans and a black crop top with rose colored sunglasses. She's standing in front of the train trestle on Herrs Island.

Accessories can be a fun variation to any senior session.  I picked up these cute pink and orange sunglasses at a little shop while on vacation in Long Beach Island, NJ.  It’s fun to find little things and share them with my clients.

images of a senior girl, wearing jeans and a black crop top. She's sitting in the road with a train trestle behind her on Herrs Island.

The Skirt

images of a senior girl with blond hair walking in Herrs Island Park. She's wearing a light blue tank top and white skirt

images of a senior girl wearing a light blue top and short white skirt. She's leaning against a brick wall on Herrs Island in Pittsburgh.

As a photographer, my goal is always to capture my subjects in a way that is natural, authentic, and that feels true to who they are. I’m not a photographer that puts my subjects into elaborate poses. I watch how they are naturally and then give them guidance to adjust their bodies in ways that are close to what they’re doing but better in front of the camera when needed.

With her outfit choices done and the sun setting, it was time for the gown. This gown was gorgeous and heavy but still very twirly.

The Gown

This gown is one of the many gowns that I’ve rented from Little Dreamers Tutus.  All of her gowns are designed with a lace-up back that allows it to adapt to a variety of sizes and body types.  This dress was covered with white and gold flowers that looked lovely in the setting sun.  I’ve loved these dresses from the moment I started using them and have been working on adding them as an option for my senior girls.  Feel free to let me know what you think.

images of a senior girl wearing a couture gown designed by Little Dreamers Tutus. The gown is white wih gold flowers and she's twirling in a field of tall grasses and flowers.

image of a senior girl running in a field and wearing a couture gown. She has long blond hair that is down and flowing behind her.

From the warmth of the sunlight illuminating her face to the gentle breeze in her hair, every detail came together effortlessly to create a collection of photographs that truly captured the spirit of this special time. These images will serve as a lasting memory of not only a summer senior session but also a significant milestone in their journey.  Adding this special gown to the session, made it an even more memorable experience.

Herrs Island is always a beautiful spot for senior portraits and I love getting to revisit it each season with each new senior to make it special and unique for them.

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