Teen portrait session at Herrs Island in a couture gown

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking teens have outgrown playing dress-up but don’t be so sure.  Sometimes the promise of a fancy gown and a cool location can become a fun evening especially when you include a best friend.

My daughter fell in love with the teal Marina dress from Little Dreamers Tutus so we rented it for the weekend and grabbed her best for some slight steampunk-style photos on Herrs Island.  Yes, I’ll admit I’ve been using that location quite a bit lately.  I’ve discovered that I have that tendency where I repeatedly return to a spot over several sessions before moving on to my next new favorite spot.  In this instance though, you’ll see that this dress fits perfectly with this location.

The train trestle, the top hat, the color of the dress, and the setting sun… It just fit together so well.

One dress.  Two very different Teens

Were you ever fascinated with the story of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants?  The story of a very different group of friends who could all wear one pair of pants and they fit each of them?  No?  Well, I believe that this gown is the incarnation of those pants and what’s really cool is that all of the gowns from Little Dreamers Couture are like this.  I’ve rented and owned several dresses from this designer and each one of her gowns has been loved by my Sadie, as well as any of my clients who have the opportunity to wear them.

When Sadie and I saw the Marina gown, we knew we wanted this to be part of her 16 yr photo session.  The Marina dress is a beautiful teal color with a fitted bodice that laces in the back and tiers of tulle layers making up the skirt.  My daughter grinned with delight, declaring that she felt like a cupcake (but in a good way) as she twirled and hopped, watching the layers flutter.

The back lacing and stretch in the fabric allow the dress to fit a wide range of sizes.  This also makes it so much fun for a photo session with friends and so we grabbed one of Sadie’s closest friends to join us for some photos.

Adding Accessories

Accessories brought this shoot altogether.  The rented gown included a beautiful flower headband but for the look we wanted with this session, we went a different route. For this session, my daughter was able to add her top hat, black silk gloves, and a cane.  They added to that steam-punk feel and helped each teen to become their own character.  This is why I like to hang on to pieces from Halloween costumes, thrift store finds, and just generally interesting accessories that might make it into a photo shoot.   

image of a teen wearing a teal gown with a black op hat.  They're standing in front of a rusted train trestle overgrown with trees and vines.

image of a teen girl wearing a teal gown with black gloves and a top hat.  She's standing in front of a rusted train trestle that's overgrown with trees and vines.

images of two teens, each wearing a teal gown with layers of tulle in the skirt.  They also are wearing a top hat and holding a black cane.

images of two teens, each wearing a teal gown and top hat.  Both are standing in front of a train trestle and each have a black cane in their hands.  The images show how the same dress can work on two different teens

Let’s pick your gown and plan your session!

Have you ever wanted to transform into a princess and wear a gown?  or just have an opportunity to wear something different from your every day?  We can do this!  With a creative session or my princess mini sessions, we’ll find a gown and accessories to create a magical look for some amazing images.  We can find dresses that will work for little bitty princesses up to adult-size S/M princesses.

Or if you have your own gown from homecoming, prom, bridesmaid, or wedding, we can put together a creative and fun session!

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