Magical Light on Herrs Island

Pittsburgh is full of amazing spots for portraits and I love getting to explore new locations.  I found Herrs Island some time ago but hadn’t had the opportunity to work there until this senior reached out, wanting variety.   Herrs Island gives you plenty of variety!  From the stone staircase at the northern tip of the island to the steel train trestle that crosses over just below the park, and the pedestrian bridge at the southern tip, you can find plenty of variety as well as beautiful views of the river and downtown Pittsburgh.  And the light is simply magical at sunset.  You can learn more about Herrs Island here.

Herrs Island North Park

I started this senior session on the northern, shadier side of the island.  The north park area has a gravel path that leads through a small wooded area to a stone staircase down to a stone-walled lookout closer to the river.  It feels out of a fairytale.

images of senior portraits taken at Herrs Island. A blond girl in a short white dress stands at the base of a long stone staircase leading up through a hill of wildflowers.

As you move south from this northern tip, there’s an open lawn, tennis courts, and some areas with tall grasses and wildflowers.  This session was at the beginning of September so trees were just starting to have the touch of yellow as leaves started to turn.

images of a senior girl with blonde hair. She's wearing a short white dress and walking a long a low stone wall on Herrs Island.

Steel and Brick

After a quick outfit change, I couldn’t resist the light and setting right by where we were parked.  One of the most important parts of being a photographer is being able to recognize the potential of a space and position yourself and your subject to create amazing images.  On one side of the parking lot, we found a trail along the road with steel and stone train trestles towering over a hillside overgrown with trees and vines and tall grasses.  On the other side of the parking lot, we found a brick wall with a doorway and a gravel trail with wildflowers along the edge.  And the light was amazing!

images of a senior girl in a long gray skirt and white top. She's standing in front of a train trestle that cuts across Herrs Island, Pittsburgh

image of a senior girl with blonde hair. She's wearing a white top and standing in front a train trestle with tall grasses and vines growing up behind her.

image of a senior girl wearing a long gray skirt. She's leaning on a brick doorway located on Herrs Island, Pittsburgh

The Bridge

We had time for one more outfit change and then a quick drive to get to the southern tip of the island.  There’s an extension of the Three Rivers Heritage Trail that leads over a pedestrian bridge and up the island.  It’s a beautiful spot to watch the sunset over Pittsburgh.

image of a senior girl near Herrs Island Bridge. She has blonde hair and is wearing jeans and a white top.

image of a senior girl sitting under a blue archway. She's wearing a navy blue jacket and has her chin resting in her hand.

A Little Bit of Fun

I love when my seniors bring accessories and I love it when they’re willing to give mine a try.  Just before this session, I picked up a cute little pair of rose-tinted sunglasses while on vacation in New Jersey.   I was excited to share them and catch a few more images.

There should also be a little bit of playful fun during senior portraits.  And oh my, look at those eyes!!

image of a senior girl with blonde hair. She has a pair of rose-tinted glasses and she's looking over them and smiling.

Are you ready to schedule your Herrs Island senior portrait session?  Send me a message and we can start planning here or find another location that is perfect for you!

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