Summer has started!

I admit it’s hard sometimes.  It’s summer and my phone has become my go-to camera.  And because I don’t like the quality of the pictures that it takes,  I don’t even bother taking photos.  Add to that, my monkeys growing bigger, changing from the cute littles that they used to be into pre-teens that might have opinions about what I share about them online.  I have to be more intentional taking photos and more considerate of the images that I take and especially the images that I choose to share.

As they get older, I want to be respectful of what them.  In this day and age where our kids potentially have a social media presence from as early as infants, it’s important to think about what we are sharing about them.  This becomes more important as they get older.  I find myself thinking “would I be okay if it was my mom, sharing this about me.”

But summer is happening!

It is the time of year when my house is filled with pretend games and giggles and (I’ll admit it, bickering).  My house is alive!  The backyard is alive!  The kids have time to just play! And as I sit and listen,  I know that these pretend games are going to become more and more rare as they grow older.

So last night I grabbed my “real” camera to capture a little bit of their summer fun.

young boy in a playhouse in black and whitea rare glimpse of the boy’s smile 🙂

black and white image of a little girl jumping off her swingthe ever-important summertime activity of jumping off the swing

young boy and girl smiling from above in black and white<3 these monkeys!

Remember to make time to capture these moments!

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