Pittsburgh Urban Session for Avonworth Senior

Urban sessions are some of my favorite sessions and the city of Pittsburgh provides a beautiful backdrop for any portrait session, especially for a senior who really enjoys the theater and downtown life.

One perk for photographers during the year of Covid has been fewer people downtown.  I know that makes it so rough for businesses but for a photographer, it makes it a little bit easier to focus on my clients.  Typically when scheduling portrait sessions downtown, I feel like I’m juggling three or four different balls, depending on what sports season it is.  There are times when you’ll find baseball, football, and hockey going on all on the same weekend.  Add to that the amazing theater programs and symphony performances and you can see it can be a challenge to find time and space downtown.

That was not a problem at the end of the summer when I met this young man downtown for his session.

He enjoys going to the theater (Mom said he even went to a performance or two on his own in recent years- I love that independence!) and he enjoys participating in Avonworth’s theater program.  So it made perfect sense to meet at the Benedum Center, right in the heart of the cultural district.

Avonworth High School Senior | Class of 2021

black and white closeup image of a young man with short dark hair, wearing a button down shirt, with his elbow resting on a ledge and his head leaning on his hand.image of a young man in khaki pants and light blue button down shirt, sitting on a loading dock with his elbows on his knees and chin resting on his handsimage of a senior guy in light blue button down shirt leaning against a yellow brick building on the sidewalk of a city street

Oh, that light and those eyes!!  Such a handsome guy and so at ease in front of the camera!

collage of images of a senior guy standing in an empty downtown street with tall buildings in the backgroundimage of a senior guy standing on the sidewalk in front of the Benedum Center

Change shirts and locations!

After a quick change of shirts, we headed down towards the bridges.  One of the reasons I love sessions in downtown Pittsburgh is the variety of backdrops all in one easily walkable area.

collage of images of a senior guy in a navy blue button down shirt leaning against the railings of a bright yellow bridge, downtown Pittsburgh

images of a senior guy wearing a navy blue button down shirt, sitting on a railing by the river with a yellow bridge behind

Some downtown greens

Even in the midst of downtown, Pittsburgh still has plenty of green spaces that are so easy to get to.  This adds even more variety to portrait sessions.

image of a senior young man wearing a navy blue dress shirt with trees in the backgroundimage of a Pittsburgh senior young man smiling in a navy blue dress shirt, leaning next to a chain link fence with his arms folded in front.two images of a senior young man wearing a navy dress shirt standing at an intersection with a building that has large blue tiles behind him.black and white image of a Pittsburgh senior young man looking at his cell phone while standing under the Byham theater marquee that reads This is Just Intermission

This is just intermission

These are the images that I watch for any time that I’m at a session.  Yes, the smiles are great but this image really captures what the Class of 2021 has been experiencing.  And I love the reminder that while it sometimes feels like things will never be the same again, we’re getting closer.  It won’t make up for the experiences missed this year but hopefully, it means that we won’t miss anymore.

Are you part of the class of 2021 and missed out on senior portraits?

Are you part of the class of 2022 and just starting to think about senior portraits?

It’s not too late or too early!  Contact me and we can start planning your senior session today!

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