Headshots and Product Shots in Schenley Park, Pittsburgh

What do you do when it’s the middle of a pandemic, you have 2 hours to spend, and you can’t be inside?

You meet up with a photographer to get some fresh new headshots.

Headshots do not have to be formal and stuffy and boring and if you’re in a creative field, they shouldn’t be.  I firmly believe that headshots should communicate what you do, especially if you are in a creative field.  And it’s possible to create those images, on-location.

Naptime Inspirations!

I’ve been lucky to have known Theresa for over 20 years.  For most of those 20 years though, we haven’t lived in the same city but we’ve stayed connected through social media and visits.  Over the years, we’ve watched our families grow and we’ve watched each other build our own creative businesses.

Theresa created Naptime Inspirations.  Appropriately named, it started as a creative outlet during her girls’ naptime. Any mom will admit that naptime is precious time and while many naptimes are spent catching up on household chores, some moms need a creative outlet. Theresa used her time and sewing machine to create all kinds of beautiful handmade products.

Many years later, with 2 girls in college and 2 in middle and high school, Naptime Inspirations is a flourishing creative business where she designs and creates a variety of handmade goods. From bibs to library bags, pillowcases to wallets, and of course, this year’s fashion trend- the mask. Her pieces are available in her own online shop as well as in several stores in the Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania area, where she and her family live.

My favorite creations of hers are her heirloom family pieces. I lost my stepmother to cancer several years ago and while cleaning out things at my dad’s house, he found a bag of fabric- doilies, embroideries, knit pieces. While I don’t tend to use crocheted doilies in my decorating, I also wasn’t ready to part with these connections to her either.  I mentioned the fabric to Theresa and she had ideas right away.  She was able to take a few of the special pieces of my stepmom’s and create several pillowcases from them.  It was the perfect way to re-purpose them and I love having these beautiful reminders of my stepmom in my home.

image of bed with two square pillows, gray and beige, on a navy blue quilt with a dark wood headboard

As Theresa’s business has grown, she’s grown with it.  Recently she’s launched a new website and shop with new products (seriously, check it out!!  Naptime Inspirations).  She’s also devoted time over this past year to create a blog where she writes about her creative process, her family, and how they’ve all been managing life in the pandemic.  All of this meant a need for new headshots.

When Theresa sent me a message wanting to discuss the possibility of headshots, I was so excited.  As I’ve considered directions for my own business, more and more, I’ve wanted to work with creative entrepreneurs like Theresa.  This was a perfect match.

And so, while on a quick trip to Pittsburgh, we met up at Schenley Park– a familiar and favorite spot for both of us.

headshot image of a blonde woman in a navy blue sleeveless dress, standing with one hand on her hip and one resting on a black iron railing

a collage of images of 4 headshots of blonde woman wearing a navy blue flowered dress. She's standing one stone path with a black iron railing. A closeup sitting on a garden bench. Another of her standing on a garden path.

For anyone getting headshots, I really encourage you to seek out a photographer that you are comfortable with.  It’s important to have a variety of expressions and be willing to do more than just stand still and smile.  Theresa was such a good sport.  She trusted me even when I said “look off to the right and laugh.”  Even though she might have felt silly, it created some great expressions that show how friendly and engaging she is.

Quick Change!

Next, we had an outfit change.  This is super easy to accomplish anywhere with my personal pop-up changing tent. This little tent has been the best piece of equipment to have available.   So then we were off on a little walk to Dinosaur park (also known as Anderson Playground).  It’s another beautiful spot in Schenley with space and trees.

image of a woman in blue jeans and a sleeveless top standing in a grassy field with large trees behind her from a headshot session.

image of headshots of a blonde woman, smiling as she stands with trees in the backgroundimage of legs in blue jeans and sandals. hands are held at the knee and a blue wallet purse hangs from the wrist

closeup headshot image of a blonde woman leaning against a stone wall, holding a gray cloth wallet

collage of two images of a woman from a headshot and product shot session. the first is a woman sitting on a stone wall, holding a cloth wallet in her lap. the second is a closeup image of a small yellow cloth wallet

“I’ve admired Jodi’s work for many years. I think her storybook sessions are so creative and I’d love to do one of those sometime! But this summer I needed some professional pictures for my business. I wanted a variety of poses and sizes so that I could use them on my website and online marketing. I also had no experience in front of the camera and felt rather awkward. Jodi put me at ease! She had plenty of ideas of settings and poses. I even did a wardrobe change in a pop up tent in the middle of the park on a hot August day! I love all the images I received as a result of the photoshoot. When I need a picture for marketing I have so many to choose from. Jodi was a joy to work with. I’ll definitely be a repeat customer!” 

-Theresa Grosh, owner Naptime Inspirations

In addition to her website, you can follow Theresa on Facebook and on Instagram where she frequently shares her latest creations!

Are you a creative entrepreneur?

Have you been thinking about updating your headshots- for a business or just for a fun treat?

Let’s talk!  I would love to work with you.

Quality, professional headshots are very important when establishing a business with an online presence.  Your headshot communicates professionalism, as well as the style, which can share your personality and help you to connect with your potential clients.  If you’ve never had professional images taken for your business or if it’s been a while, contact me, and let’s talk about a simple change that can really boost your business.

Creative Headshots with Jodi Walsh Photography

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