Surprise! North Hills Newborn Baby Boy!

This sweet newborn baby boy was a surprise to his parents!  In a day when gender reveal parties are all the rage, they chose to not find out and be surprised when their little one was born.

While I love babies and baby boys, I’ve never been good with surprises. Curiosity always ends up getting the best of me and I snoop to find out the surprise, you can ask my husband and he’ll confirm it.

I’ve always been like this, from the time I was little.  I have a very vivid memory as a child of peeking in the basement closet in order to find Christmas presents. Even now as an adult, it’s almost impossible for me to keep from telling my kids what they’re getting for birthdays and Christmas.

It’s not surprising that when I was pregnant, I had to find out the gender of both of my kids. There was no waiting for me.  I had to know!

And that is why I have such respect for my newborn clients who wait to find out whether they’re having a boy or girl!

To make it 40 weeks not knowing pink or blue.

To have both a boy and girl name picked out.

And to have to go through the almost unending questions of “what are you having?”

I was not that strong with either of my children.

But this new family was happy to meet their brand new baby boy!

Newborn Portraits at Home

Having a newborn portrait session at home has some significant positives that make it worth considering over a studio.

You don’t have to leave your home

I know that seems kind of obvious but it’s such a relief not having to schedule and plan for being out in the world.  There’s all the stuff you have to bring- diapers, outfits, blankets, extra bottles… Planning to have an extra shirt for you or dad because inevitably Baby will spit up or worse on that outfit you were hoping to wear.  Then there’s the fact that babies set their own schedule.  Baby falls asleep in the car and then is wide awake for the whole session.  Or Baby has a rough night before the session which means that mom and dad also have a rough night.

Having your photos taken at home can help alleviate so much of that stress.

But my house is not photo-ready

Not a problem at all!  First off, I know what it’s like.  My babies were 14 mos apart.  When my oldest was born, we moved to another state when he was 2 weeks old.  My life was boxes and chaos and then baby number 2 was on the way.  You don’t need to have a Pinterest-style house for newborn portraits.  I just need a little space with some nice window light.  Baby’s nursery is always a lovely spot for portraits (and more meaningful because it’s your home).

For this session, their living room had this gorgeous skylight that provided perfect light.

image of a newborn baby boy sleeping on a gray blue fuzzy blanket.

images of a newborn baby boy sleeping on a gray-blue fuzzy blanket.  He's wearing gray knitted pants.image of a newborn wrapped in a light blue blanket, laying on a gray fuzzy blanket.  He's sleeping with his hands up by his face.image of a newborn baby boy sleeping on cream fur with gray blue wrapbaby boy on cream fur with gray blue wrapbaby boy on cream fur with gray blue wrap

Can you believe it?  All of these posed images were taken in the family’s living room!  And Mom was able to relax on the couch while I worked on capturing her sweet newborn boy.

Newborn portraits in the backyard!

After some posed shots, we headed out to the backyard for some family shots including the Henry (the puppy dog).

backyard family session with newbornbackyard family portrait with newbornI wish this new mom and dad all the best as they get to know their new little guy!  This first year passes by so fast, I’m happy to be able to give them these images to treasure.

Are you expecting a new little one?  Have you considered a newborn portrait session?  Jodi Walsh Photography is booking for 2018.  Newborn sessions are scheduled within the first 2 weeks of birth and clients have the option of scheduling their session in their home or in one of several beautiful Pittsburgh studios.  As I said, this time passes by so quickly.  Make sure to take the time to capture those earliest moments.  Contact me for more information!

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