Erie Newborn Baby Boy

Yes, it’s a long drive but it’s worth it to capture a very special Erie newborn baby boy.  This baby boy joined his family after 3 very active sisters and  I was so happy to make the drive to meet sweet baby O for plenty of cuddling and photos!

And check out that hair!!

In-home Newborn Photography

Planning a newborn session especially with very active and older siblings can be a challenging task for any set of parents.  Scheduling sessions in your home is how I make that task a little bit easier.  While I focused on baby brother, this little guy’s adoring big sisters were able to run off and play until they were needed.

Whether it’s all the way up in Erie or around the suburbs of Pittsburgh, capturing newborn portraits should not be stressful.

image of an Erie newborn baby boy with a full head of dark hair. He's wrapped in a gray blanket and looking peaceful laying on a gray fur blanket.

I was assured that he was very sleepy and would probably be passed out the entire session…

collage of images of an Erie newborn baby boy with a full head of dark hair. He's wide awake while wrapped in a gray blanket and laying on a beige fur blanket.

hmm, not so sure about that one, mom.

image of a newborn baby boy with a full head of dark hair and dark eyes. He's wide awake, wrapped in gray blanket and laying on a cream fur blanket.

He did eventually go to sleep.

sleeping newborn boy with dark hair

image of a sleeping baby boy. He has a full head of dark hair and is wrapped in blue-gray blankets

image of a sleeping newborn boy with blue knitted hat

image of a baby boy with blue striped hat and pants. He's sleeping on a cream knitted blanket and white plank floor.

And finally we had to get one with all of his big sisters.  This little guy is already so so very loved!

image of three sisters snuggling with their baby brother on a cream fur blanket. The baby is sleeping. The two sisters next to the baby are smiling at the camera. The remaining sister is looking off to the side.

I’ve been so blessed to have photographed 3 out of 4 of these little ones as newborns.  Each one was special.  Documenting a growing family is such an exciting part of my job.  To look at each little face and see the mix of mom and dad.  And then as they grow to see their personalities.

You can see their sessions here.

Little Miss E

Little Miss S

Are you expecting a new little one?  I would love to be there to capture those first moments!  Either posed or lifestyle, I’ll come to you!  Just contact me for information and we can start planning.


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