Downtown Senior Session on the North Side

Choosing the location for your senior portraits can be challenging for many kids (and their parents).  Finding a location that can work with two different styles can make the challenge even more difficult.  Fortunately, Pittsburgh has a perfect mix of urban and nature all in a 10-minute walk.  And I knew this would be perfect for Miss J’s senior portrait session.  (Also, if you’re looking for ideas for your senior portrait location, check out my location post)

Urban and Industrial with a bit of Nature too

River Avenue, downtown is the best spot to mix both of these styles.  Just walking around you can FEEL the city- the river, the bridges, the energy.  It’s one of my favorite spots.  A place where you can feel powerful and for a senior, ready to take on the world.  Then when you’re ready to show a different side of yourself- softer, more natural -we take a little walk over to the North Shore Trail.  It’s a beautiful walking trail with plenty of greenery all along the river.

How to Rock Your Senior Portraits

  • Be natural– Be you.  Trust me to capture the best moments.  Don’t worry about making weird faces (I promise, I’ll get rid of them).  Laugh, smile, get lost in thought. Have fun!
  • Move! – You do not need to stand still.  My camera will stop your movement so feel free to walk around, dance, twirl, jump.  Again, have fun!
  • Share your ideas– We’re collaborating.  We’re a team with the goal of truly capturing you so if you have an idea you want to try, let’s try it!  One more time, HAVE FUN!!

Check out Miss J’s amazing session and contact me to schedule your next portrait session!  It’s not too late for 2020 seniors or too early to start planning for 2021!  I’m happy to answer questions and share ideas for how to capture your child!

Avonworth High School Senior | Class of 2020

image of a senior girl with dark hair wearing a magenta shirt looking back over her right shoulder. example of Senior portrait image with Jodi Walsh Photographyimage of a senior portrait session along the North Shore Trail in Pittsburgh. The senior girl is wearing magenta boho top and jeans while standing next to a gray cement wall.Image of a senior girl with long dark hair, wearing a magenta boho-style top. She's standing in an urban alleyway with a chain-link fence behind her.collage of senior portrait image by Jodi Walsh Photography. Images show a senior girl in a magenta top and blue jeans in an alleyway on the North Side of Pittsburgh.image of a senior girl by willow tree along the North Shore Trail, Pittsburgh. She's wearing a black dress and looking at the camera, smiling.Image of a senior girl wearing a black dress sitting on a stone wall along the North Shore Trail, Pittsburgh. collage of images from a senior session along Pittsburgh's North Shore Trail. The senior girl is sitting on a stone wall with the bridges behind her.image of a senior girl standing with the branches of a willow hanging around her. She's wearing a black dress and is looking thoughtfully off to the right.images of a senior girl portrait session along Pittsburgh's North Shore Trail. She has long dark hair and is wearing a black dress.



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