Pittsburgh has some beautiful locations for photos.  There are parks and green spaces all throughout the city and suburbs.  Like most photographers, I have my special, favorite spots but I also love trying out new locations.  You might not realize it, but a new location can be full of as many challenges as a new client.  It takes time to develop a relationship, to get to know them and get comfortable with them.  You need to figure out and be able to anticipate how they’ll respond to your jokes and your posing directions.  Getting familiar with a new location can be similar.  Of course, I’m not having to worry about cracking jokes but I do need to get familiar with the lighting.  How does the lighting change when clouds roll in?  I need to be able to know which spots within the location might have the widest variety of shooting options.  Getting familiar with a space can take time but there are times when you just fall in love with a spot and want to return there again and again.

This spot was one of those spots for me.

A few months ago, my friend posted some family snapshots of their time creek walking with grandma and grandpa.  I knew right away that I wanted to shoot in this beautiful spot so I messaged my friend and suggested a creek walking session.  She loved the idea and so we started planning.

kids wading in Pittsburgh creekboy wading in Pittsburgh creekgirl in striped dress wading in Pittsburgh creek

boy and girl playing in a western Pennsylvania creekboy and girl walking in a western Pennsylvania creek

Anyone else have their heart melting at this sweet brother and sister? <3

After such a beautiful session, I had to go back.  It was too beautiful of a space to not explore it again.  This brings me to the downside of back to school- my go to models were in school all day and our weekends are jam packed at this time of year.  So I recruited my good friend and her two sweet littles.

baby boy at a Pittsburgh creeklittle girl playing in the rocks of a Pittsburgh creek

We didn’t actually walk in the creek but had such a fun time exploring the rocks…

little girl throwing rocks in a Pittsburgh creek

and throwing them in!

little girl in a star shirt

Truly such a beautiful spot that I’m looking forward to getting to know better.

Have you considered a creek walk session?  Or your families special activity?  Photo sessions don’t have to be formal and posed and fancy.  Photo sessions can be documenting your family life and mini sessions are perfect for these kind of excursions!  Contact me with your idea and lets start planning a lifestyle mini session for your family!

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