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It’s officially Fall both on the calendar and with the weather.  The sun is coming up later.  We’ve had to add jackets to our morning wardrobe for our walk to the bus stop.  And of course, pumpkin spice is just about everywhere you look 🙂

But I’m still daydreaming about the beach.

Fortunately, I still have images that I’m working on from our vacation and I’m eager to share the short session I did with my sister-in-law, her husband and my beautiful (almost 2 yr old) niece.  Last year we had our almost 1 year session in Lititz, PA.  It was so hot and humid.  This location was so much more comfortable!  This little one is in bed very early and up with the sun so a sunrise session fit with her family.  I’ll admit, there were some yawns but the gorgeous light made it all worth it!

toddler girl at the beach, Long Beach Island NJ, Jodi Walsh Photography

Look at that sweet sweet face!

family photo, Long Beach Island, NJ

toddler and mama, Long Beach Island, family photographer, Jodi Walsh Photography

Soapbox moment

I just have to take a moment to speak to the moms out there.  I know feel tired and often we feel like we’re a mess but listen, this is really important- have someone take pictures of you with your kids.  Have someone (preferably a professional because they can help you to look your best) capture those special moments of you being mom.  I know it’s cliche but it does go so fast…


toddler and daddy, Long Beach Island, family photographer, Jodi Walsh Photography

You too dads!!

toddler beach time, Long Beach Island, NJ, child photographer, Jodi Walsh Photography

toddler and family, Long Beach Island, family photographer, Jodi Walsh Photography

This was such a great vacation! I loved getting to spend time with my husband’s family and even better, to test out my skills as a beach photographer.  I hope this becomes our new tradition- to capture this little girl growing at the beach 🙂

I also love the idea of sharing my skills with other families at the shore.  Have you signed up for my newsletter?  I only send it out a few times a year but that’s where you can find out about session opportunities at the Jersey Shore or up on Lake Erie!  Contact me to get on my email list or to schedule your session!

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