Wildflowers and Boots for Tween Session Style

My tween sessions are really taking off and I’m continuing to have so much fun doing them.  I’ve been working with girls mostly and I love how different each girl has their own unique style and personality.

This young lady has dreams of being a model and LOVED that her mom got her a tween session for her birthday.  She wanted a bit of a boho-style, flower child look and shared some really great ideas with me over Pinterest.  Pinterest is the perfect place to look for inspiration when planning your tween session and I loved being able to share ideas with her.

Session Details: Tween Short Session

SESSION TYPE: on location short session

SUBJECT:  Tween girl

LOCATION: North Hills park, Pittsburgh

She brought the two outfits.  I brought the flower crown.  And she brought the A-MAZ-ING serious looks and natural smiles!

Look #1: Flower Child

A short but flowy patterned dress that fit so well with all of the wildflowers and goldenrod around our location.  Then we added a flower crown just for something different.

tween girl in flower dress on a chair in field of wildflowers near Pittsburgh

Seriously!  Such confidence!  And why not, she’s got this!

tween girl in wildflowers, tween photography, Jodi Walsh Photography

But then she wanted the serious faces, the looks that models will give, she was definitely able to do it.  You might be surprised to find that it’s actually challenging to have a good, serious, yet natural look on your face.

tween girl in wildflowers, tween photography, Jodi Walsh Photography

No Zombie Photos!

We talked about the importance of not having zombie eyes.  Zombie eyes are what I call the spaced-out, zoned-out, dead look that sometimes happens when you try to show a serious face.  The trick is to be thinking of something so that your eyes are still focused but your mouth stays relaxed.  At least, that’s how I try to explain it.  This girl picked it up pretty quick.

tween girl in wildflowers, tween photography, Jodi Walsh Photography

And we had to work in the flower crown.

tween girl with a flower crown, tween photography, Jodi Walsh Photography

Then it was time to try another look.  This is another part that I enjoy with these sessions.  The second look.  I often suggest one casual and one more dressy but this tween went for flower child and then skater girl.

Look #2: Skater Girl

She kept with the casual dress and boots but opted to add a khaki green jacket.  Having an accessory not only adds to the look but also gives you something to play with.

North Hills tween, Pittsburgh area tween photography, Jodi Walsh photography

It’s so important to me to keep these sessions fun and natural and most importantly, to not push my tweens to look older than they are.  I try to keep poses playful and fun, while still encouraging them to try out different expressions.  These kids are going to grow fast enough without me pushing them.

North Hills tween, Pittsburgh area tween photography, Jodi Walsh photography

tween girl with jacket, tween photography, Jodi Walsh Photography

Most of all, I want my tweens to come away with a broader “picture” of themselves.  I want them to be able to see their beauty in all of the faces that they show and to be confident in who they are, no matter how they look.

Do you have a tween or soon-to-be tween?  Tweens are between the ages of 10 and 14 primarily.  My tween sessions are designed to help document and capture that transition from little kid to teenager and along the way to hopefully boost their confidence, encourage their self-expression and give them a positive self-image.  Tween sessions are great for individuals but are also perfect to share with their BFFs.

Contact me to learn more about planning a session for your special tween!

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