Mommy and me, Spring Portraits

It never fails.  Spring seems to take forever to finally arrive with its warm temps, sunshine, and budding trees.  We agonize over every day where the mercury dips back into the 40s and the weatherman has to discuss the possibility of snow flurries.  As a family portrait photographer, I get even more anxious for spring because I’m desperate to get out and photograph.  And I was so thrilled when my good friend expressed interest in spring portraits with her girls at Fall Run Park in Glenshaw, Pa (near Fox Chapel).  I love those Mommy and Me sessions with sisters.

There was one interesting addition- or rather two.  Her girls were very determined to have their pets take part in this portrait session.  Not a problem at all! Our four-legged friends are family too, even if they’re four-legged with scales or four-legged and small enough to fit in your hand.  Yes, this portrait session was going to include a bearded dragon and a hamster.

So get ready to meet Sasha the Bearded Dragon Lizard and Oreo the Hamster- two of the most loved pets that you will ever find.

Portraits with Pets

I’ve also started playing around with video clips during some of my sessions.  I love how it adds to my ability to capture and tell your family’s story.

First up is Sasha.  Sasha loves her owner and Miss A takes such good care of her.  Almost throughout the entire session, Sasha was happy to hang out on her owner’s shoulder but she did decide to steal the show and climb up on her head for a better view of things.

little girl with her pet bearded dragon lizard sitting on her head

bearded dragon lizard sitting on a rock in a Pittsburgh area park

little girl with pet bearded dragon lizard sitting on rock in Pittsburgh area park

little girl cuddling her pet bearded dragon lizard in Pittsburgh area park

Then it was Oreo’s time to steal the show.

little girl holding pet hamster

little girl cuddling her pet hamster in Pittsburgh area park

sisters sitting on a fallen log of a Pittsburgh area creek

mother hugging her two daughters in a Pittsburgh area park

Pittsburgh area mother and daughter portrait session in wooded park

sisters telling secrets in the woods of a Fox Chapel area park

sisters cuddling their pet lizard and hamsters in Pittsburgh area parksisters walking down a path in the distance in a Fox Chapel area park

Moms, it’s so important to be in those photos and to have portraits that document who you are as a family at this moment.  These pets are such a big part of these girls’ lives right now.  I enjoyed hearing all kinds of facts about their care and just general bits that I never knew about hamsters and lizards.  And mom sat back and just drank in the sight of her girls enjoying each other and their pets.  Everyone deserves to have a session like this.  Contact me to plan and schedule yours.

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