Stepping out of the studio for creative headshots

Studio headshots are great images to have as part of your web presence but what if you could have a portrait that gave the viewer a little more information about who you are and what you like?  This is why I love creative headshots for professionals and non-professionals.  We photograph you in locations that have a connection to who you are or what you do.

Visiting the Farmer’s Market

When Althea approached me with an interest in headshots, it was pretty easy to decide on a location.  She works as a dietitian and feeding therapist so spends a lot of time with food.  Healthy eating is a passion of hers so the Strip District was the perfect spot with such great little shops as well as the farmer’s market.

two outfits for a variety of looks

When planning for a creative headshot, I encourage my clients to pick a couple of outfits.  There are a few reasons for that.  First, even something as simple as changing a blazer or jacket can add variety to your images and give you more options for your social media and web platforms.  Second, a complete change of clothes or a change of accessories can change up your mood and energy.  Our clothing has a significant effect on our moods so one outfit can be more serious, while another can be playful.

Creative headshots mean that we can play a little more with the images that we create.  They don’t have to be the typical headshot.  There’s freedom in that creativity.

woman at farmer's market and other locations in Pittsburgh's Strip District, environmental headshotsheadshots of a woman standing with basket of peppers at farmers market in Pittsburghwoman in front of food mural in Strip District, environmental headshotswoman in green jacket for environmental headshots in the Strip District, Pittsburgh

Are you in need of some new images for a web page or social media sites?  Stop relying on a blurry cell phone selfie and let’s work together to create some professional images that show who you are.  Contact me for more information on headshot and branding sessions or just contact me and we can start chatting.

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