The Terrible Twos…

I do remember those days even though my own monkeys are well out of that stage.  We had our share of challenging behavior and I remember how tiring my two year olds were.

When I tell people that I’m a photographer, they often make some comment along the lines of how they couldn’t manage little ones like that.  Me, I love the little ones.  Now that my kids are older, the terrible twos are not so terrible to me.  I love how at that age, they’re really starting to discover their world and I love the language that’s developing.

This particular two year happened to be one of the happiest two year olds I’ve ever met with the best, most infectious laugh.  Looking through these images, you’ll see what I mean.

2 yrs old, little boy, fall, Pittsburgh

Mom contacted me interested in pictures to celebrate her little man turning two and was also hoping for some family photos with their two dogs (the first babies of the house) :-).  I’ve been doing more and more sessions with family pets so I thought why not.  Then she mentioned that the dogs were mastiffs.

Now, I do like dogs and there was a time when I desperately wanted a dog but that was long ago and I have to admit, that as I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten a little more nervous about dogs, especially big dogs.  It didn’t help that my only exposure to mastiffs was from a story my mom used to tell me about a dentist from our hometown who was attacked by his own dog.  Yeah, not the best association there.  But I was not going to let my anxiety get the better of me so we schedule the photo session and I really had nothing to worry about.

These were such beautiful, sweet animals and very well behaved.  Who would have guessed a photo session with a two year old and 2 dogs would be such an enjoyable experience.

dog, mastiff, red door, white bricklittle boy, mastiff, red door, white brickfamily, Pittsburgh, red door, mastiffsfamily, Pittsburgh, red door, mastiffs

2 yrs old, little boy, fall, Pittsburgh, red door

father & son, little boyDaddy love and Mama love

mother & son, little boyfamily, Pittsburgh, white bricksThose eyes

2 yrs old, little boy, fall, Pittsburgh2 yrs old, little boy, fall, Pittsburgh2 yrs old, little boy, fall, swinging, Pittsburgh

If you’ve been thinking about planning family photos, have you considered including those four-legged family members?  Let’s talk and plan your session together!


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