Summer Princess Mini Sessions

These summer princess mini sessions are not just for little ones but for princesses of all ages.

So many little girls love to dress up.  I can remember the parade of outfits my own little girl would create each day when she was little.  Donning her tutus, hats, crowns, gloves, necklaces, and, of course, she always had to have a purse.  She would become a new character with each new outfit, ready for her next adventure.  I’m pretty sure that part of her has kept her involved in dancing and theater.  Even as a teen, she loves to dress up and try out new characters.  And as I’ve been scrolling social media and seeing all of the beautiful prom dresses, I’m reminded that even as our little girls grow up, so many of them love to keep dressing up.

This is why I love that my mini sessions do not have an age limit.  Whether you have a little girl, an older girl or you want to dress up yourself, I will help you find a dress and create some magic and so much fun!

Dresses for All Sizes

This is the fun part!  When I plan my mini sessions, I try to get a variety of dresses in different sizes to accommodate all my clients.  My favorite vendor has created dresses with a tie-back design that makes her dresses so flexible and able to be worn by all different body types.   Dresses can fit teens up to adults.

I was so excited to be able to use a dress from a princess session with a 10 yr old and still have it fit my 14 yr old daughter.

image of a teen girl in a gold princess dress with silver stars. She's standing in a Pittsburgh alley with her arms crossed, looking serious.images of a teen girl wearing a gold princess dress with silver stars. She's standing in a Pittsburgh alley and smiling.image of a teen girl wearing a gold princess dress. She's twirling her dress in an outdoor garden in Pittsburghblack and white images of a teen girl, wearing a princess dress while walking on the 6th Street Bridge in Pittsburgh

As you can the lace-up back, makes the sizing so flexible.  And looks so pretty too!

Then the dress went on a 10 yr girl out in North Park.

image of a girl wearing a gold princess dress. She has brown curly hair and is standing in North Park.

This is just one dress from one vendor that I’ve used for my princess mini sessions.  There are so many options out there and I love the challenge of finding beautiful dresses for all my clients.  I believe that we all should have the opportunity to feel like a princess and to have that moment captured and preserved to remind us how fun it is to pretend and become characters.

Do you have a princess who would love an opportunity like this?  There’s still time for my summer princesses AND I’ll have fall princesses in a few months!

Message me for details or sign up to be on my email list and be the first to know.

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