First Snow Day of 2020!

We’ve had a fairly mild winter in Southwestern Pennsylvania.  It’s been full of rain or just occasional coatings of snow.  Nothing that has really accumulated enough to even manage a small snowman but the other day, we finally had our first really good snowfall.  It was the perfect amount- enough for schools to close but not enough to keep us cooped up inside.  And so around lunchtime, I was able to convince the teenagers to join me for a little snow walk with my camera and lens ball.  The weather was perfect for some snow day photos in North Park.


The lensball is this little toy I picked up for Christmas.  What is a lensball?  From the website- “Lensball is a hardened clear crystal sphere used for photography purposes. Because of its spherical effect, it shows you a 180° degree view of your surroundings creating a mind-blowing visual effect.”

Last month, I took the lensball with me to Nashville to try it out.  This month, I was eager to try it in the snow.  The lensball was a great toy to try out with our snow day photos.

snow day photos with glass lensball showing snow covered treessnow day photos with glass lensball showing snow covered trees

With this series of photos, I decided to play with the rotation.  There are so many possibilities and I still have so much to learn.  I’m thankful that this time out my teenagers were such good sports standing in the snow.

snow day photos with glass lensball showing North Park Lake

Time for a Few Portraits

After a little bit of time with the lensball, my daughter was also willing to model for me for a few snow day photos.  I’m finding that during the slower part of the year (between the end of December and the beginning of March) it’s so important to pick up my camera regularly.  It’s easy to feel out of practice when there’s a long stretch of time between portrait sessions.  I’m so grateful to have a daughter that enjoys working together like this.

snow day photos with tween girl in silver coat in the snow at North Park

It doesn’t take much for some quick snow day photos.  Her sweater was from Justice.  Her coat was from Lands End.  A super simple look that was beautiful and perfect for the snow.

Whether you have a lensball or a willing model, hopefully, this has given you some inspiration for trying to create your own snow day photos!

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