“Smash-y cake! Smash-y cake!” That’s the chant you hear when celebrating your first birthday and enjoying that first bit of cake with your 4-year-old big sister nearby. The encouragement must have worked because Baby O dug right into his cake. There weren’t too many grins about the experience but he was very serious and thoughtful as he sorted out cake and icing.

Erie First Birthday Session!

This was one of those times during the warmer months, that I travel up to Erie! I’ve been photographing this family since the oldest was a baby and we alternate between scheduling up in Erie or closer to Pittsburgh. (There are so many great in-between locations, it makes it easy to schedule). For this session, we met up on a gorgeous October afternoon and perfect for my first smash cake session outside! Baby O was such a good sport. With 3 older sisters, this little guy has lots of action going on around him almost all the time. The park offered plenty of space and things to watch while also taking photos.

For this session, we planned to do some solo portraits of the birthday boy and then his family and finally the smash cake. I’m sure that seems like a lot but it moves pretty fast and keeps things interesting for the little one. This plan also allows for some non-cake covered portraits!

Can you plan a cake smash session outside?

Yes! I have to admit, I was a little anxious about how this was going to go but for the most part, the cake smash went really well. The park was a perfect location. After the older siblings finished their part of the session, they could run and play (in this case, with my daughter who was working as my assistant and child wrangler) and mom and I could focus on the birthday boy. There was one lesson learned with this session- bring a hard, flat surface to make sure the cake isn’t wobbly on the grass. Fortunately, this wasn’t a huge problem.

Session Details : Cake Smash Session

SESSION TYPE: on location full session

SUBJECT:  1 year old baby boy and family

LOCATION: Erie area park

baby boy sitting in fall leaves wearing red shirt
fall family portraits in Erie park
sisters and baby brother sitting in fall leaves in Erie park
baby boy sitting in radio flyer push cart

baby boy eating first birthday cake, Erie

baby boy with first birthday smash cake at Erie park

Smash cake sessions do not have to be over-the-top productions. Sometimes simple is just right. Sometimes all you need is a cute 1st birthday shirt, a homemade cake and a pretty park on a sunny day.

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