Portraits with Dads!  Family portraits can be fun!

It’s the time of year that many of you dread… family picture time! 

Portraits with dads can be fun but you need to be in the right frame of mind.  I know that family photos are rarely anyone’s favorite activity so I wanted to help make this experience a bit better for all the dads that really struggle with this experience.

Tips for enduring your family portrait session

1.  Relax!

There’s so much that’s out of control during a family portrait session, often the only thing that Dad can control is his own attitude but that can be key to having a successful session.  Your photographer is not expecting the best-behaved kids- who pose and smile as though they’re right out of a Lands’ End catalog.  Your photographer knows that there will be whining and possibly crying.  There will be bickering.  There will be bribing.  And guess what… that’s how most family portrait sessions go! But don’t worry because your photographer (if they’re good) is prepared with games and silliness and encouragement and breaks.  They will have plenty of tricks to get the best expressions from your kids.  We can manage uncooperative kids, uncooperative grown-ups are another story.

So what should you do to help?  Relax!  Be pleasant.  A photographer who has the support of the parents can work magic with challenging kiddos.  Let the photographer worry about getting the kids to follow directions.  Dads, you just enjoy your family.  Enjoy these amazing individuals that you are raising up in this world.  Choose to love on them even in the frustrating moments because that love will translate into your images.

2.  Have Fun!

Don’t worry about how you look. Pretend your photographer isn’t there and have fun with your family.  Your photographer will let you know when she needs you to look or post in a certain way.  But when she isn’t giving you directions, give Mom a hug.  Tickle your little girl.  Throw your little guy up in the air.  Be silly.  Laugh.  Family portraits are about capturing more than that perfect smiling image.  Yes, your photographer will want to get that for you but it’s also about documenting your family and that includes how you relate to each other.

3.  Remember why you’re doing this.

Dads (and moms) here’s the thing, these images are not about you.  The moment that your photo is taken it becomes part of something bigger than that moment.  It’s bigger than the Christmas card or announcement.  It becomes part of your history, your family’s history.  These photographs are ultimately for your kids.  These images are for them to be reminded of the love that is around them during the good times and the difficult times.  Having photos of your family will help your kids to see that they are part of a special group.  It grounds them, roots them in history, and connects them.

So to get the best portraits with dad, all you need to do is grin and bear it for the hour.  Have fun and relax!  Trust your photographer to work quickly and if you need to, come up with a special reward for yourself.  And trust that these images will be treasured one day.

dads posing with sonsdads with sonsdad play sword fighting with son

Whether it’s portraits with dads, moms, or more, the important thing is to document your family.

So let’s chat about your next family portrait session! 

I would love to create some beautiful images that capture your family and will be treasured for years to come.

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