“We stink at being natural in front of the camera……we were not born models.  So we may be a bit of a challenge!”
That was included in one of the first email messages I got from this family when we started talking about scheduling a photo session.  I know this feeling.  I know how it can feel awkward and forced.  I also know the feeling of being really comfortable with a photographer, so comfortable that you forget they’re there and you just enjoy your family.
One of the things I try to do with my subjects, whether they’re kids or grown-ups, is to do my best to make them feel comfortable with me.  That’s when my camera catches those natural smiles.  That’s when my camera begins to tell the story of their family.  It’s not about looking a certain way.  It’s not about having a specific body type or style.  It’s about being you.  It’s about trusting your photographer to really “see” you.


  • SESSION TYPE: Portrait Session

  • SUBJECTS: Family- mom, dad, big sister, little brother


So this family, like many other families that I’ve worked with, learned first hand that I don’t photograph models but I do photograph real people, real families, and you can see, they often end up looking like models but more important then that, you can see the love in that family.

Pittsburgh family fall portrait, Franklin Park

little boy striped shirt, Franklin Park, Pittsburgh

portrait of a little girl in a park near Pittsburgh. She's wearing a colorful dress with pink, purple and red spots, leggings and cowboy boots

collage of images of a big sister and little brother. they stand side-by-side in one and she's behind him in the others. the sister is about 7 years old and the brother is about four. they're standing in a clearing with tall grasses

images of a mother with her daughter sitting on her knee and a father with his son in his lap

images of a family, mom, dad, boy and girl in a park with tall Joe-pye weeds behind them near Pittsburgh

Franklin Park family photos, Pittsburgh

And we had to include the fifth special member of this family.  Yes, Wrigley was very relaxed with the camera and made sure to show us his best side.

brown and white fluffy labradoodle dog, Franklin Park, Pittsburgh

a boy and his dog, Franklin Park, Pittsburgh

a girl and her dog, labradoodle, lFranklin Park, Pittsburgh

and one final family shot…

Fall Family portrait with fuzzy labradoodle dog in Sewickley park

So when it was done, what did this family think of our session together?

“This was by far the easiest most stress-free session we have ever had!” and “We absolutely LOVE the pictures you captured of our family.  So many of them truly represent the family we are….a little crazy, super silly, and totally in love.  I cannot thank you enough for making this moment in time, permanent.”

Statements like that just fill my heart.  That’s why I do this.  That’s why I love this business.  So, are you ready to schedule your photo session?

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