I love the rain because I’m a mermaid who lives too far from the sea.

It’s Mermaid Season!

Fortunately, in Pittsburgh, we’ve been getting an abundance of rain to keep a land-locked mermaid quite content.  All the rain means that we have some really beautiful spots for mermaids to play so…once again, it’s time for mermaid sessions!

image of a young girl with long dark hair, laying at the base of a waterfall with her chin resting in her hands as she looks up.

Do you have a little one who dreams of being a mermaid? Do they love Ariel and all of her underwater adventures?

If the answer is yes, then you are going to want to surprise them with a mini creative session! 

These are creative mini-sessions for your child to play. I provide the fin and tail and I have tops for the girls as well as some headpieces inspired by the sea.  Also, the fin and tail will work for boys too- this isn’t just for girls.  We’ll get in the water and splash and play.  There were be tons of giggles, some amazing images, and an experience your child will never forget.

Mermaid Moves

What makes these sessions so much fun is the actual challenge of moving as a mermaid.  The girls each had to get used to their knees being stuck together.  They loved relying on me to carry them into the creek to get them into position.  Then they had time to discover how to swish their tail and get into their own positions.  I think they came away with a new appreciation for the challenges of being a mermaid. 😀

collage of images of three girls smiling and sitting by shallow creek

collage of images of young girls wearing a blue mermaid tail, laying in a shallow creekcollage of images of several girls wearing a blue mermaid tails while sitting or laying in a shallow creekimage of a girl laying at the base of a waterfall with her chin in her hands

I’m happy to provide the mermaid tail but if you are eager for your own fun, I recommend Fin Fun for all your mermaid needs.

Mermaids are fun but I know they’re not for everyone.  That’s why I’ve created a variety of creative sessions that encourage your child to dress-up and pretend to be whatever character they want to be.   You can borrow one of my costumes or we can work together to find that special costume for them.  It’s about giving them the experience of pretending with a little extra magic.  Contact me for more information.

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