Creek or Crick?

Pittsburgh has the 3 rivers but it also has plenty of creeks and streams that are perfect for exploring when the weather gets warm.   I remember doing this with my cousins when I was little.  This was when my parents and grandparents would send us out “to get the stink blown off.”  We would spend hours throwing rocks, looking for crayfish, and just cooling our feet in the water.  Of course, inevitably, I would often slip and fall in.  Always the klutz.

It’s something that I still love to do.  Not the falling, but walking along the creek, exploring, photographing the beautiful play of color and light on the rippling water.

When my friend asked me about taking photos of her kids playing in the creek near Lalu’s (grandma’s) house  I couldn’t resist and it was such a beautiful spot!

Session Details-

Child LifeStyle Session

  • Session type: Sibling LifeStyle
  • Subject: young brother and sister
  • Location: O’Hara Township Community Park, Pittsburgh

child photo session, girl in striped dress wading in Pittsburgh creek, O'Hara Township Community Parkboy and girl walking in a western Pennsylvania creek


Recently, I started offering LifeStyle sessions as part of my kids (and family) photography options.  LifeStyle sessions have been pretty popular with my newborn clients.  They like the un-posed, natural and emotional style that is inherent in LifeStyle photography.  LifeStyle is not strictly documentary.  I do give you some guidance but for the most part, I’m watching and capturing the moment.  For the newborn sessions, LifeStyle is documenting the beginnings of this new family member.  Within a kid (or family) Lifestyle session, we can document a creek walk, a picnic in the park, bringing home a new pet or a special date with mommy or daddy.  The stories that can be captured and told are almost endless.
kids wading in Pittsburgh creek boy wading in Pittsburgh creek
kids wading in Pittsburgh creekSummer is a great time to plan adventures and most of the time, we just grab a quick picture with our cell phones.  That’s perfectly fine but what if you had beautiful, artistic images of some of those moments.  Images to hang on your wall or keep in an album where you can page through them and remember when they played that silly game and grinned that toothless grin.

Contact me and let’s plan your LifeStyle session together!

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