The older I get, the more I see the cyclical way that time moves forward.  Day to night, night to day.  Winter, spring, summer, fall.  The cycle’s can’t help but creep into our family life- yearly routines and rituals.  The first day of school.  The last day of school.  Birthdays.  Christmas.  For some, this sameness can become boring and monotonous.  Some see it as a cycle that never ends but I’m learning that those repeating moments are worth celebrating and cherishing.

ballerina taking a rest


My daughter has been dancing since she was four.  She would start in the September (just as school was starting) and end in May.  She wasn’t always the most enthusiastic dancer but she did enjoy it.  Every year I would ask her if she wanted to do

little girl in cat dance costume


something different and every years she would say, no, she wanted to keep doing ballet.  And so each fall we would find ourselves spending time in the studio while she danced.

Then she learned about The Nutcracker and having the opportunity to dance onstage!

I would still ask if she still wanted to dance but now I would get

“Mommy, I want to be in the Nutcracker!!”

So we were back to the dance studio for several more years.

Last year, she had her first stage performance. Her class finally moved up to being able to participate in the spring recital at the Byham Theater, downtown, Pittsburgh.  It was such an exciting experience for her so we marked this achievement in the best way that I know how- a first ballet photo session.

And once again we were back to dancing in the fall, only this year, she was finally able to audition for and perform in The Nutcracker!  Again, it was so much work for her but she loved every moment of it.  Family and friends came to see her perform (12 shows!!!).  We were so proud!  She even made it into the local newspaper!

And as the year came to a close, it was time for another spring performance.

Once again, I just couldn’t resist celebrating her growth this year with another photo session.  We rented a little studio on the Northside and she showed off her best ballet poses.

young ballerina, Jodi Walsh Photography

I hadn’t realized how much she has changed over the year until I looked at these images compared to last years’ images.  My little girl is truly transforming into a young lady!

young ballerina, Jodi Walsh Photography

young ballerina, Jodi Walsh Photography

young ballerina, white leotard, Jodi Walsh Photography

This is the ritual that I’m happy to celebrate and continue to document each year.  Seeing my daughter go from that sweet little ball of fun into a poised and graceful young lady… It definitely makes me feel so blessed to be her mama.

Do you have milestones that need to be celebrated and documented?  We can plan a full session that updates all of your portraits or a special lifestyle session that documents that focuses on those little moments that you want to capture and treasure for years to come.  Contact me and let’s talk!


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