Ice slows the world down.  It covers everything and preserves it for a short time.  Ice can keep us home and keep us inside and even keep us in the dark sometimes.  But it’s also very beautiful.

Today, we had an ice storm come through our area.  Actually it was snow, freezing rain, rain, back to freezing rain and then back to snow.  Needless to say, it meant a snow day for my kids and a stay home day for us all.  But after the snow stopped, the sun came out a little bit and the light was beautiful.  And as a photographer, I can’t resist beautiful light.  So once I finished scraping as much ice as I could off of our driveway, I grabbed my camera to capture some non-human beauty in my neighborhood.

ice on tree, Pittsburghice on tree, Pittsburghice on hillside weedice covering plantice on plant

It’s good to take some time to capture new things.  I have a good friend who does product photography and I joke with him about how I have no problems capturing moving subjects (people) but it’s the still ones that challenge me.  So I shy away from natural images or landscapes and stick with what I know.  But (as I’m having to repeat to my children almost daily) you’ll never get better at something without practicing it.  One of my goals for 2018 is to practice capturing more of the world around me, without people.  Feel free to check in and hold me accountable 🙂

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