I love when I can persuade a family to try something different for their family portraits.  This can be trying a different location or trying out a theme or activity together.  For this family, this was my first family portrait session with them OUTSIDE!!  Yes, I’ve photographed them a few times as their family has grown but they’ve always had their family portraits taken in their home.  This often happens with winter babies so it’s understandable but this year, they had a spring baby who was just learning to sit up in time for some fall portraits, outside.  It almost didn’t work because of the weather but they trusted me and we were able to dodge the raindrops for some beautiful portraits.

We arrived at the location and shortly after starting, it started to rain.  This is the worst for a photographer but this also happens to be an area where I excel.  No, I can’t control the weather but I am good at thinking on my feet.  I pulled out my phone and saw that the shower would pass quickly so we ran to a little porch for some cover.  So we were out of the rain but what should we do while waiting for the rain to pass.  I pulled out my camera because the siding made a pretty nice backdrop.  And so our portrait session was able to keep going.

toddler boy grinning in blue shirt

This little one…

I don’t know what I’m going to do with her.  Always the stink eye with her.  I work so hard to get that little smile to peek out.

baby girl in denim dress

And there’s this sweet girl!  She is a ball of energy wrapped in a ray of sunshine.  I’ve been photographing her since she was born and I love that I finally caught her eye-roll!

Little girl in white shirt rolling her eyes

The rain stopped shortly and we were able to head back out for some more portraits.  The kids were still in great moods and willing to perform for Miss Jodi.  But first, we had to get that challenging family photo where everyone is looking and smiling.

family portrait in the fall

It took a few tries but we got it (even with the littlest one smiling)!

brother and sister smilingbaby girl smiling in the grass

Fall family portrait session in Pittsburgh

And then the stink eye came back, lol.  But I love it!  And I know mom loves it too!

Pittsburgh family running in the rain

And finally my favorite image from their session.  We were almost done when it started raining again.  Mom declared, this is what we do.  We run in the rain and so they ran around the field before heading back to the cars.  I love that attitude and that choice.  To enjoy your time together and make the best of every moment.  Soak in the sunshine and run in the raindrops!

Do you have a family that loves to have fun and make the best of situations?  Let’s plan some portraits that document that love of life!  Let’s capture those moments that pass by so quickly.  Contact me to start planning your next portrait session.

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