Is it too late to schedule Senior Portraits?

Senior year can often be overwhelming- add a global pandemic and things can slip through the cracks.  Planning to schedule senior portraits can easily be forgotten in the mix of so many other activities and obligations.  Seniors are working.  Parents are working.  There are school activities, college visits, plans to make for graduation or after graduation.  And just being one more task marking this big transition, it can be easy to avoid, if you’re like me and tend to avoid all things uncomfortable.

But I want to encourage you to take that step and schedule senior portraits!  The truth is, it’s not too late.  I would even go so far as to say it’s never too late!  And below I have some solutions to common concerns that come up with scheduling.

image of a senior guy in a blue striped button down shirt.  He's sitting on a low garden wall, leaning forward with his elbows on his knees.

Winter senior session in downtown Pittsburgh.

But it’s Winter (or Spring or even Summer)

Senior portraits do not have to be scheduled in the fall.  While typically, many students schedule their senior portrait sessions during the summer before senior year or the fall of their senior year, they don’t have to be scheduled at that time.  Winter, spring, or even summer after graduation are great times for scheduling as well and offer their own unique benefits.

  • Winter doesn’t mean cold, rain, or snow.  Even in Pittsburgh, it’s not unusual to get a winter day in the 50s.  Grab a cute bulky and warm sweater, your cutest boots and we’re ready to go.  And if it’s snowing? Even better.  What better backdrop for you to stand out against!  
  • Spring is one of my favorite times to photograph clients.  The trees are just lovely covered with flowers or budding leaves.  Warmer temps and sunshine!  Downtown is absolutely beautiful in the spring and without football season, the crowds aren’t as big.
  • Summer? But it’s after graduation.  Don’t worry!  That deadline is arbitrary.  The point is to mark this milestone and if it’s after graduation, so be it.  Summer is when you’ll find wildflowers and shady trees.  Grab your cap and gown and let’s get some gorgeous images!

With regards to deadlines, the biggest factor to consider is your yearbook deadline.  If you’re submitting a photo to the yearbook, you’ll want to be clear on what the dates are for that when you schedule your senior portrait session.  And make sure to let your photographer know about the deadline so that they can plan to have your images ready in time.

But do we really need Senior portraits?

Think about it this way.  There are images documenting all of the big moments in your life- when you were born and just home from the hospital, your first step, your first birthday, your first day of school, your first time riding a bike, or playing basketball.  Spring concerts, school musicals.  First time driving with your license.  First formal dance.  So many big moments, marking these occasions that you and the people who love you want to remember.  This is one of the last big moments you’ll have.

image of two framed photographs.  one is a senior girl sitting in a garden, resting her chin in her hand and her elbow on her knee.  The second image is the senior girl as a little girl.  She's wearing a white shirt and is sitting on a garden wall.

Senior portrait and portrait as a little girl in Rustic Wood frame samples.

But in addition to a photo for mom and dad and grandma to proudly show off, your senior portrait can serve as your first professional headshot.  Headshots are important these days.  With many professions requiring a social media aspect to their jobs, people need a professional image for their profiles.  For many, their senior portrait is that standard headshot with the blue swirly backdrop at the school.  It doesn’t have to be like that.  Your senior portraits can set you up with a professional headshot image to send you into this next phase of life prepared.  

Time to Schedule

So if you haven’t had your senior portraits taken or if you weren’t planning on getting senior portraits, please give me a call.  Let’s talk about how to document this special milestone in a way that fits your style, your personality, and your schedule.  

images of two senior portrait headshots.  The first image is of a senior guy, wearing a blue button down dress shirt and leaning against a wall.  the second image is of a senior girl wearing a black t-shirt and bluejeans.  She's sitting in a field of tall grasses.

image of a senior girl at West End Overlook.  She's wearing a cream colored sweater.

headshot images of senior girls.

headshot images of seniors.  the first image is a black and white image of a senior guy.  he's wearing a button down shirt and is leaning forward with his elbows on his knees.  the second image is of a senior girl.  she's wearing a white top and has long blonde hair and bright blue eyes.

So now is the time to schedule your senior portrait session!  Let’s connect and start planning a session that captures this special moment for you!

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