Cake Smash Photography at home

The idea of having a cake smash photography session at home might seem intimidating especially at the thought of a big mess but I can assure you that it can be done!  It’s really worth considering because our babies feel most safe and comfortable in familiar surroundings.  Home is the best place for happy, comfortable babies ready to have their first adventure with cake and frosting.

Cake Smash Outside

The easiest plan for a cake smash photography session at home is to plan to have it outside.  A flat grassy spot with a little bit of shade is perfect.  Sitting in the grass is just fine.  I’m always on the watch for blades of grass to sneak into the frosting.  If you prefer, a picnic blanket or even a shower curtain can work.  I found this great zip-up picnic blanket at Target that’s super easy to carry and clean.

And when it’s done, a baby pool with some warm water and bath toys can make for a fun clean-up.

Cake Smash Inside

Sometimes the weather will not cooperate and so the only option is to plan for your cake smash to be inside.  This doesn’t have to mean an overwhelming mess.  Inside, you’ll want to find a space that has some good window light (overhead lights and lamps give off a weird yellow tinge so I always turn them off).  Two white shower curtains can provide an easily disposable backdrop and flooring option.  I also have a white wood slat portable floor that I sometimes bring.

And when Baby is all finished and covered in frosting, a bath in the kitchen sink always creates some super cute images!

4 tips for having a cake smash session at home

  • Schedule your session at a time when Baby is typically happiest.  Mid-morning is usually the magic time.  Your little one is going to be encountering a new experience with possibly a new and unfamiliar person so we want to start out as happy as possible.
  • Have one or two outfits ready.  I always recommend having an outfit ready for the first birthday pre-cake portraits.  When we’re ready for cake, some families will have a special birthday t-shirt or onesie.  Some families just let the birthday boy or girl sit in their diaper.  It’s whatever you and your little one like.
  • A small cake is perfect.  We don’t need a full-sized cake or sheet cake for your session.  A little 6-inch mini cake is perfect.  Even a cupcake will work just fine.  Be aware that bright-colored frosting might stain.
  • Be ready to encourage tasting.  Often, these little ones are a bit unsure about what to make of their cake and frosting.  I usually ask mom or dad to help get the party started by having them taste a bit on a finger.  It works like a charm every time.


Outside in the backyard works perfectly for a cake smash session

image of a baby boy with frosting on his chin sitting in a grassy yard with a birthday cake

Having a special birthday shirt is fun! (Know that it may get covered in frosting)

baby boy with first birthday cake pointing his finger in Erie park

A birthday tutu and a matching birthday hat!

image of a baby girl in a bright pink tutu and birthday hat enjoying her cake smash session in South Park

Enjoying cake at home

image of a baby girl wearing a pink tutu enjoying her first birthday cake smash session at home

A bare belly and a pair of blue jeans are perfect for enjoying cake

cake smash, first birthday, Pittsburgh child photographer, Jodi Walsh Photography

cake smash, first birthday, Pittsburgh child photographer, Jodi Walsh Photography

I made sure to take some pre-cake photos because even after a quick kitchen sink wash-up, this little guy had blue fingers!

first birthday, Pittsburgh child photographer, Jodi Walsh Photography

cake smash, first birthday, Pittsburgh child photographer, Jodi Walsh Photography

I love cake smash sessions!  They’re such a fun moment to capture!  And even better, they can be done in your home.  If you are planning this special milestone birthday, contact me and let’s start to plan your session.

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