Creative Session: The 50s

There’s something special about dressing up and playing pretend.  Transforming into another person.  Using your imagination to think about how your world might have been different, how you might have been different.  It’s even more special when you have a doll to join you in your adventures.

I didn’t know about American Girl dolls when I was little but if I had, I would have been obsessed with them.  I’m a fan of the history dolls- connecting the dolls to stories and important times in history.  I love that girls have the opportunity to learn about how life might have been different had they been born at another time.

As I was developing my Storybook Sessions, I knew I wanted to do more than princesses, fairies, and superheroes.  The 50s poodle skirt was the perfect addition and what a bonus to be able to add a matching outfit for your doll to join you!

This young lady was excited to not only dress up but to include her doll, Julie in the session.

What about location?

People often wonder how I decide on a location for a session, especially the Storybook Sessions.  The location is almost as important as the costume so I spend a lot of time thinking about the look that I want and taking advantage of Google Streetview to scout.  Location was the biggest challenge for this session- a location that could possibly be from the 1950s.  Most streets were out because of modern cars.  A city scene could work but I was struggling with finding the look that I wanted.  And while we could have easily gone to a field or park, this session felt like it needed to be in a neighborhood.   Fortunately for this session, a nearby alley provided the perfect backdrop!!

50s girl wearing checked scarf and sunglasses

little girl with doll wearing a poodle skirt

50s girl with poodle skirt and vintage bike

50s girl in poodle skirt

50s girl with poodle skirt and vintage bike


50s girl wearing checked scarf and sunglasses50s girl with poodle skirt and vintage bike

50s girl in poodle skirt sitting in front of a white fence

This session is from my Storybook Sessions.  I provide the costume (skirt, crinoline, top, scarf, sunglasses and doll outfit), the bike, and I can even provide the doll if needed.  This is a great option for a different portrait experience!  Contact me to talk about other costume options or to schedule your next session!


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