Portraits Celebrating the Tweens!

Do you ever look at your little girl and wonder where the time went?

We’re fast approaching double digits here for my little girl, my baby.  I thought that hitting 10 last year with her brother would help me to cope better this year.  Yeah, I’m not so sure of that.

My girl is becoming a tween!  While it’s a little sad it’s also a time to celebrate her and I love that!

What better way to celebrate her and this fun time in her life than by having a tween session with her BFFs!

What are Tweens?

Tweens are kids between 5th and 8th grades.  They’re in those awkward years where they’re not little kids anymore but they’re not quite ready for teenage responsibility.  They’re growing and changing so fast.  They have new tastes in how they look from what they wear to how they do their hair.  They’re experimenting with attitudes and interests and friends.  One minute they’re super confident and determined.  The next, they’re insecure and unsure of anything.

And it’s so challenging as a parent to watch your child work through all of this.

Why have a tween portrait session?

Because in the midst of all of this challenge and change, there are amazing kids that should be celebrated.  Because a beautiful photo of your tween can boost their self-esteem and give them more confidence to tackle some of their insecurities.   Tween portraits can also be a fun way to celebrate friendships and current interests in a way that is relaxed and fun!

If this is something you would like for your tween, check out my information page and contact me to start planning!

This summer has been all about playdates for my daughter and she just happens to have 2 incredible friends living just down the street from us.  So we grabbed them and some cool outfits and took over the ‘hood.

tween session, best friends, Pittsburgh tween photography, Jodi Walsh Photography

It was a lot of fun!  The girls picked out their own outfits (with just a little guidance from me and the moms) and we just went out into our neighborhood.  Sometimes I build up my sessions to require all kinds of planning- the perfect outfit, the perfect location, the perfect hairstyle- but that isn’t always necessary.  This was all about being fast, being relaxed, and being fun.  And most importantly…

Letting the girls play!

tween session, best friends, Pittsburgh tween photography, Jodi Walsh Photographytween session, best friends, Pittsburgh tween photography, Jodi Walsh PhotographyI started thinking, what if this was an option for other girls (and boys).  What if we added friends to the tween mix?

Tween sessions are meant to be fun and adding a couple of friends can make it a party!

For information on Tween sessions and other newborn, child and family sessions, check out my session information pages or contact me to schedule.

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