Once again, February meant a trip up to Erie in the snow to visit my cousin and celebrate her beautiful girls.  Little Miss Eliana turned 2!

Every year I continue to be surprised when I don’t have to reschedule this trip due to weather.  You see, I get a little anxious about driving in the snow.  It’s completely irrational, I know, and yet throughout winter I obsessively check my phone to see what weather conditions are like and when you factor in a trip up into the snow belt, I get even more obsessive.  But every time I make the drive and it’s completely uneventful and I’m perfectly fine, I chip away at that irrational anxiety.  I also can’t resist getting a chance to see my family and shoot on my aunt and uncle’s beautiful property.

And this trip, I brought back some absolutely gorgeous images of a beautiful little girl, bundled up and out in the snow!

But before we check those out, get a load of these eyes!!

little girl, studio, 2 yr old

She has the most amazingly blue eyes!  I don’t enhance them at all.  They are that crystal blue, without the help of photoshop.

Here she was back when she was just 6 mos!

little girl, studio, 2 yr old

And she still likes to make me work for the smiles.  Such a serious, thoughtful girl- at least she is when my camera is pointed at her.

little girl, studio, 2 yr old, Steeler fan

Or maybe she just need to sport her favorite team look!

This is big sister when she was two.  She wasn’t as into the Steelers but she did love the pony.


Finally, we were able to bundle up and take a walk out into the backyard.  There was just enough snow to make it pretty and fun.

little girl in the snow, 2 yrs old, pink coat, white hat

Her favorite part- eating the snow!

little girl in the snow, 2 yrs old, pink coat, white hat

Once again, I’m just amazed by her eyes!

little girl in the snow, 2 yrs old, pink coat, white hatlittle girl in the snow, 2 yrs old, pink coat, white hat

Snow sessions can be so much fun!!  We can bundle up, work fast for some beautiful shots and then head to some place warm for some hot chocolate!

I think we can safely say that winter is on it’s way out, but be sure to remember for next year! Follow me on facebook and find out about the next possible snow session opportunity!


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