In April, I had my first internet giveaway!  The prize was a Tween session for the lucky winner and his/her best friends!  It was a huge success and my lucky Tween BFF session winner chose to have her session downtown in the cultural district with 2 of her best friends.

Session details-

Tween BFF Session

  • Session type: Tween BFF
  • Subject: Tween girl and her 2 friends
  • Location: Downtown Pittsburgh, Cultural District and Strawberry Way

As you can see looking through this session, Miss A is not only a gorgeous girl but has the best smile, especially when she’s laughing!  What I loved about working with her and her friends, was that she was not afraid to take over and direct her session.  That takes such confidence and she had some great ideas!

We started our session in Agnes R. Katz Plaza down by the Benedum Center.  While I spend a lot of time in that area (especially during Nutcracker season) this was my first time shooting there and it was beautiful.  The sun came in through the trees, creating this amazing glow.

teen girl portrait session in cultural district, Pittsburgh

teen girls portrait session in cultural district, Pittsburghteen girl portrait session in cultural district, Pittsburghteen girls portrait session in cultural district, Pittsburgh

The girls started the session in more formal dresses, all with similar tops but different skirts.  I loved how they went together but still kept their own individuality.

Next we started to make our way to our second location, Strawberry Way.  As we walked, I couldn’t resist the lighting as we down in the alley behind The Benedum so we had to stop there.

tween girl with sunglasses sitting in alley, downtown Pittsburghtween girl with sunglasses sitting in alley, downtown Pittsburgh

Oh my goodness!  I loved the attitude with those shades!

Then we passed another spot!  How can you not do a shot with the theater lights while in the theater district!

teen girl on city sidewalk in downtown Pittsburgh

Finally it was time for the wardrobe change.  A quick stop in the public bathroom- or maybe not quite so quick with 3 girls all getting in and out of outfits.  Fortunately, no wardrobe failures but there was a lot of giggling coming out of that bathroom.  Then it was on to Strawberry Way!

tween girls, Strawberry Way, Pittsburgh

I remember being this age and loving the idea of matching with my friends.  The girls wanted to have the same outfit and it looked cute on all 3 of them!

tween girl, Strawberry Way, PittsburghThis is where Miss A took over.  She wanted a serious shot with the girls- in fact, they were really into the serious faces for much of the session.  She directed her friends to walk away from the me and my camera, then turn towards me suddenly, looking fierce.

tween girls, Strawberry Way, Pittsburgh

It took quite a few tries and lots of giggles but they finally nailed it!

tween girls, Strawberry Way, Pittsburgh

I wouldn’t mess with these ladies!

While trying to get this shot, I noticed this beautiful doorway and so I grabbed Miss A for another shot.  Once again a serious face but man, she has this classic beauty about her!  I just can’t stop staring at her eyes!

teen girl portrait in doorwayAnd it wouldn’t be a photo session with tweens if I didn’t catch them in a social media moment!

tween girls, Strawberry Way, PittsburghI truly hope they had a blast during our time together!

So what do you think? Do you have a girl who would love an experience like this?  The possibilities are endless and the memories (and images) will last a lifetime.  Contact me and we can start planning!

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