Back to The Jersey Shore and Long Beach Island!

Growing up, my family traveled almost every year to Ocean City, Md.  This was a special place for my stepdad.  His father had a permanent trailer parked at Fort Wilderness Resort and a boat too (complete with a story about my stepdad sinking it).  We called the trailer the “Orange Pumpkin” because it was painted bright orange.  I don’t remember much about the trailer but I do have lots of memories of the park- learning to swim underwater in the pool that was added one summer, crabbing off the docks up behind the little general store, and (the best part) learning to eat those crabs.  A trip to Ocean City was almost like coming home because it was so familiar.  So full of memories.

It looks like the Jersey Shore might be that home away from home for my kids.

This was our second year visiting Long Beach Island and I continue to love it.  First off, it’s only 6 and a half hours away.  For someone who hates driving, I’ll take that.  Second, it’s quiet. No big highway.  No big condos.  Lots of little small towns with houses for the most part.  There isn’t a huge boardwalk but there is shopping and amusement area that is perfect my kids.  It might not be how others like to do the beach but it’s pretty good for our family.

Our beach schedule is pretty lax.

Get up.

Eat Breakfast.

Walk to the beach.

Walk home. Eat lunch.

Head back to the beach.

Walk home. Eat dinner.

Play games- mostly board games and doubles (or triples solitaire)

Once a visit, we’ll do an evening with boardwalk food and rides.  We also have to play a round of mini golf.  But mostly it’s a lot of talking.  A lot of walks on the beach.  For me, a lot of documenting my family.

It truly is a vacation.

The images I chose for this first post were from one of the many walks on my beach.  This time I brought Sadie with me and we searched for treasures.  Low tide was very good to us during this visit and she brought home dozens of large and small shells.

boats with cloudy skies on Barnegat Bay, New Jersey

seashells and searching for shells at Long Beach Island, New Jersey

crab walking on the beach

girl bent over, looking for seashells in the surf on Long Beach Island

seashells on the beach

hand holding a sand dollar with a heart shaped hole in the middlegirl with seashells in front of the ocean at Long Beach Island

girl looking for seashells at the shore, Long Beach Island


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