My photography spots are like friends to me.  There are some that I visit on a regular basis.  They’re comfortable.  They’re predictable.  They’re reliable.  I know that no matter who I bring to photograph, I’ll be able to get what I need in that location.

There are other locations that are more like acquaintances.  I’ve been there once or twice but I don’t feel that I really “know” the space.  I still have to feel my way around and discover more about them.  Sometimes I like them.  Sometimes I’m not too sure about them.

Then there are the locations that are like distant friends that you are very connected to but you don’t visit often enough.

Funny, that’s how I feel about both the location and the subject of this session.  I love Schenley Park.  I have a lot of history there.  I spent much of my college life wandering the paths.  My now husband proposed to me on Flagstaff Hill years ago.  Then as a mom, I spent days walking with my kids through the park, discovering new playgrounds and other places for adventure.

Now that we no longer live in the city, I don’t get over there very often.  I was so excited when my friend Shayna, came out to visit and wanted a session with her youngest.  Just like Schenley Park, I don’t get to visit with my friend very often but when we do get together, it’s like nothing has changed.

We had so much fun walking the paths, catching up on our kids and taking some sweet photos.


little boy, blue vest, Schenley Park

This little guy is so smart (just like his big brothers) and was quick to show off how he can write his name.

little boy, blue vest, Schenley Park

And also daring.  He was eager to try to scale the wall with a little assistance from mama.

little boy, blue vest, Schenley Parklittle boy, blue vest, Schenley Parklittle boy, blue vest, Schenley Parkmother and son, Schenley Parklittle boy, blue vest, Schenley Parklittle boy, blue vest, Schenley Park

After that session, I’m hooked.  I need to spend more time visiting Schenley.

There is still time to book sessions for June and July before the days fill up with camps and vacations.  Let plan a session to capture those special moments.

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