Newborn Twin portraits in South Hills Family Home

Twins are such a special blessing!  I have to admit, there was a part of me that was hoping one of my pregnancies would result in twins.  I thought there was a reasonable chance of it having aunts who are twins.  But it wasn’t met to be.  Instead, I’ve been able to enjoy twins through my photography.  And this latest set of newborn twin girls were quite the surprise for mom and dad.

First-Year Baby Plan

Mom mentioned right away that these were going to be the last of her babies and she wanted to document their first year.  This is such a great idea, especially for the second and third (or fourth…) child.  With that first baby, they are your world.  You drink in every moment just enjoying this tiny person.  And there are so many photos because every moment is new and needs to be captured.  Then comes number two and now your attention is always divided.  Once number three joins the family, you’re just trying to keep everyone fed and moderately clean.  Having a photographer already set to capture those special moments over the course of the first year becomes one less thing for Mom and Dad to have on their plate.

So as part of my baby plan, you all will have the opportunity to watch these little babies grow to their first year as well!

First up, the newborn session

Newborn Session at Home

For this session, I came to the family home.  With newborn twins and being in the middle of a more rampant flu season, Mom appreciated not having to take the babies plus big brother and sister out into the cold.  I’ve also found that in-home sessions are so much better when you have siblings because first, they’re more comfortable at home, and second, they get to go off and play once their part of the session is done.

So we started with some family photos in mom and dad’s room.

Family cuddles on bed with newborn twins in south hills home, Pittsburgh

Then big brother and sister were free to play while the little ones had their session.

For this part, mom was interested in more posed images.  Not a problem at all.  The bedroom had perfect window light and the bed became my posing pillow.

newborn twin girls with pale pink wraps and headbandsnewborn twin girls with pale pink wraps and headbandsnewborn twin girls with pale pink wraps and headbands

The real challenge was getting them both to sleep at the same time.

sleeping newborn baby girl with pink wrap and pink tie back

sleeping newborn baby girl in pink wrap on white fursleeping newborn baby girl in pink wrap on white fur

sleeping newborn baby girl in white wrap on white fur

Then it was time for Sister to have her moment in the spotlight.

sleeping newborn baby girl with pale pink wrap and pink tie back

sleeping newborn baby girl with pale pink wrap and pink tie backsleeping newborn baby girl with pale pink wrap and pink tie back

Photos with Family Heirlooms

Mom had one special request during the session.  Both of her previous children had baby photos taken on a family quilt and she was hoping to continue the tradition with these little ones too.  I love getting these requests.  It’s so special when you can incorporate something from your family into these special portraits.  These kinds of traditions help to create more and deeper connections not only between siblings but also to their broader family.

newborn baby girl in pink wrap sleeping on patchwork quilt, Pittsburgh


So now you have met these sweet newborn twins.  Be watching in a few months for their next session and you can see how much they’ve grown!

And if you’re interested in documenting the first year of your baby’s life, contact me and we can start planning!


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