Headshot Photography Session with Branding and Content Photographer, Amanda Brisco

Headshot photography is so important in today’s age of social media.  And if you ask any photographer, you’ll often hear that they’re most intimidated when they’re asked to photograph another photographer.  I was feeling both anxious and excited when Mandy reached out for headshots but as you’ll see, working with her was a breeze.

A Little About Amanda Brisco Photography

Pittsburgh has this incredibly close-knit photography community.  I didn’t realize how unique it was until I started connecting with photographers in other cities.  It’s surprising because, with so many solo-preneurs, it can be easy to get sucked into the idea of competition and isolate yourself from the community.  But various Facebook groups help Pittsburgh’s photographers to stay connected and create their own community.  We even have a Kennywood day in the summer and a Christmas party in December.  It’s a pretty incredible group.

A Business Owner Ahead of the Curve

That’s how I connected with Amanda, or Mandy as she often goes by.  Several years ago, she created a mentor group of women entrepreneurs.  There were photographers, web designers, marketing professionals, life coaches… It was an eclectic group with the goal of encouraging and learning from each other.  Mandy was transitioning her business away from weddings and more towards headshots, branding, and content creation for small businesses.  It was such an incredible and intelligent transition to watch.

Now just a few years later, even after a worldwide pandemic, her transition is complete and she’s built this amazing business.

image of Amanda Brisco, photographer. She has short dark hair and is wearing a black jacket with jeans and standing in an industrial alley in Ambridge.

A Photographer for More Than Just Headshots

Mandy is more than just a headshot photographer.  In her Ambridge studio, she has created a space that can function as the backdrop for almost any business.  From a kitchen set-up for a baker to a livingroom set-up for a realtor.  She tailors her space to fit the businesses of her clients with just a couple of easy tweaks.  With this space, she can offer not only headshots for her clients but also product and marketing images to help them to build their web presence.  And outside her studio, she has access to even more spots that offer a wide variety for the needs of any professional.

You definitely need to check out Amanda Brisco Photography

But of course, she still needed her own images for her site.

Planning for the Future

Mandy knew that she wanted a variety of images.  To reach her audience, she needed to plan on being in front of her audience.  For that, she needed a variety of images to be used not only on her website but shared on social media platforms throughout the year.  So we planned for multiple outfits and multiple locations but the locations were all in the same area.

images of Amanda Brisco Photography. A woman with short dark hair wearing a black top, off the shoulder and jeans. She's standing in front of a brick garage.

With so many great spots all right next to her studio, we were able to find a spot, get some great headshots, and then go back into the studio to change outfits and start again.

image of a woman with short, dark hair wearing a black top and jeans. She has her hand up by her hair and she's looking down off to the right.

White Walls

Photographers love a white wall!  It’s clean.  It’s versatile.  It’s classic.  And of course, outside Mandy’s studio, she has this great parking lot with a garage that has the perfect white wall!

image of a woman with short dark hair. She's wearing a white t-shirt and vest with blue jeans. She's standing in front of a garage in an empty parking lot.

images of a woman with short dark hair. She's wearing a white t-shirt and jeans and in front of a white garage located in Ambridge.

Another change and we were off to another part of the industrial park.

images of a woman wearing a black blazer and jeans. She's standing in an industrial park in Ambridge.

The Studio

Finally, we ended the session with a few images in her studio.  It was even nicer because it was starting to get cold outside.  And isn’t it a lovely space!!  She has done such a great job of making it clean and classic but also adding little touches of personality.

images of a professional woman in a living room with a white couch.

“Being a photographer myself, it’s not easy being in front of the camera. Jodi made me feel SO comfortable and confident throughout the entire session. I was really impressed with her efficiency and direction. She worked with me on location at my own studio and while she had never been there, she moved our session along with such ease.

Her planning of the session was fantastic. She understood exactly what I wanted and needed. She delivered a gallery that I absolutely love – they look like ME. Every single photo is one that I can confidently use throughout my website and social media pages.”

~ Mandy Brisco, owner/photographer at Amanda Brisco Photography

I love that Mandy trusted me to capture these images for her!  It’s such a huge boost to your confidence when you find that a colleague appreciates your work.

Are you in need of an updated headshot?  Contact me and we can plan for images that will capture YOU!

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