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I get ideas for sessions all the time but I don’t always have the means to make them happen.  A few months ago, I started hearing about Fresh48 sessions and after investigating I knew that this was something that I wanted to try.  I’ve been familiar with birth sessions and even been approached to do a few.  Birth sessions are exactly what the name says- a photographer documenting the birth of a child.  While they can be really beautiful moments, the birth sessions don’t fit well with the rest of my life.  I have reluctantly turned into quite the planner and being on call with plans changing at the last moment to make room for a baby doesn’t fit well so I was excited to hear about these Fresh48 sessions.  These are sessions done at the hospital within the first 24-48 hours of birth, documenting the new family.  There’s still a small amount of being on call but you have a bigger window of time to get to the hospital to take the photos.  When I first heard about it, I loved the idea of it and so I started to be on alert for potential guinea pigs, err clients who would be willing to try this out with me.

Fortunately, I have a sweet friend who was expecting her fourth grandchild and her son and daughter-in-law were not only willing but also excited for this opportunity.  So I found myself packing my stuff up at the last minute on a Friday morning to go to the hospital to meet Miss Maggie less then 24 hours in the world.

Pittsburgh area newborn, Fresh48, baby girl, hospital family photosAnd isn’t she just beautiful!  Don’t let the closed eyes fool you.  This little peanut was wide awake and bright-eyed for almost the entire time I was there.

Pittsburgh newborn, Fresh48, hospital family photos

These sessions are meant to be more documentary style and so I tended toward keeping them black and white to focus on those precious details and not be distracted by colors.

Pittsburgh newborn, Fresh48, hospital family photosPittsburgh newborn photography, Fresh48, hospital family photosAfter some family shots, I focused on mama and her new girl.

Pittsburgh newborn photography, Fresh48, hospital family photos, mother and child

Pittsburgh newborn photography, mother and child, hospital family photos, Fresh48And then it was time for daddy to cuddle his little princess.

daddy's new brand new little girlfather and newborn in hospitalnewborn in the hospitalAnd finally, I tossed a couple of wraps and headbands into my bag just to be able to give her a chance to play dress up for the first time.

newborn baby girl wrapped in pinkHappy birthday Miss Maggie Rose!

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