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Tween photography?

What’s that?

Something happens to kids after they start school. They go from having regular professional portraits to only the annual school picture for the yearbook. The school picture can be nice,  but often they are not.  They also don’t show your child’s growing and changing personality.

Then when they get closer and closer to middle school, it often becomes harder and harder to take a good picture.  I’ve seen the embarrassing yearbook pictures and while as adults, we know that everyone goes through that awkward stage, when you’re a kid in the middle of it, it can be a real blow to your self esteem to have the yearbook shot that everyone makes fun of.

But what if your only view of yourself wasn’t the bad yearbook photo?


What if you had a gallery of

images that showed

not only how you look

on your best day,

 with the most confidence,

but also showed off

 your talents,

your personality,

your interests?



Adolescence is challenging and the challenges seem to start earlier and earlier.  There is so much pressure from friends and from the media to look and be a certain way.  It can be hard for kids (especially girls) to be confident in who they are.  This is especially difficult at a time when they’re still trying to figure that out.  I want to do my part to build up that confidence and having  a gorgeous photo of yourself can do a lot to boost your self esteem. These tween photography sessions are custom designed to capture and celebrate your older kid as they transform into teenagers.

Tween sessions are for kids between the ages of 10 and 14 years old.

They are all about making your child feel special and giving them control of their image.

Your kid gets to call all the shots- choosing their outfits, their location, and their attitude.

How they want to show themselves to the world!


All Tween/Teen Photography Sessions include…

  • a pre-session consultation by email or phone to plan your custom session 

  • access to a private Pinterest board for sharing ideas 

  • 2 outfits, one location

Now, if you’re ready to start planning, just click the Ready to Book link below!

Ready to Book my Session!


And check out JWP Tween on Pinterest for posing ideas and styling tips!tween girl sitting in chair, testimonial, Jodi Walsh Photography, Pittsburgh Tween Photography


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