Swim Like a Girl ~ Pittsburgh Tween Swimmer

Summer is here and it’s the summer of tweens for me!  Because I love this age and feel that it’s so important to photograph this age, I want to do all that I can to encourage all of you moms and dads to have your tween photographed!  And as you can see, it doesn’t have to be a “get dressed up and look pretty” type of session!  What better way to kick off summer than with a session featuring a tween swimmer!

Session Details-

Tween Swimmer Session

Hey there!  Meet Miss B! She is a student in Avonworth School District who has a passion for competitive swimming and I was thrilled to have to opportunity to capture her showing off in the pool a few weeks ago!  Her mom mentioned that she’s been swimming for several years but a new drive kicked in after participating in a meet up at State College.  The pool is her home now and she spends her spare time swimming multiple times a week.

Pittsburgh Tween Swimmer black and whitePittsburgh tween swimmer in blue bathing suit smiling

Don’t let that sweet smile fool you, she is powerful and tough!

Pittsburgh tween swimmer swimming

Pittsburgh tween swimmer with goggles in poolPittsburgh tween swimmer in blue bathing suit sitting with legs in pool under diving boardPittsburgh tween swimmer in blue bathing suit sitting at pool's edge looking off to the left

Pittsburgh tween swimmer in pool with goggles

Pittsburgh tween swimmer in blue bathing suit with goggles floatingPittsburgh tween swimmer sitting at the edge of the pool looking off to the right

Pittsburgh tween swimmer in action, butterfly stroke and coming out of the water

Definitely Fierce!

Pittsburgh tween swimmer sitting on the edge of the diving board

Pittsburgh tween swimmer in pool smiling with goggles on her forehead

Look at that gorgeous smile!

Not a Swimmer?

That’s okay!

My favorite aspect of this age is that these kids are starting to really develop and devote more time to their interests.  They spend more time training whether it’s for a sport or a musical instrument  or another skill.  And they really take pride in their accomplishments.  When you hit middle school, the participation trophies start to disappear and the focus becomes more and more on real achievement.  This is when they begin to consider their ambitions.  This is when they start  to really working towards achieving their dreams.

Do you have a Tween Swimmer?  Do you simply have a tween with a passion for an activity?  Have they been devoted to dancing and dedicated to a sport?  Let’s plan a Tween Ambition session where we can celebrate and document their passion!  Who know’s maybe we’ll capture the moment when their future career first started.  So let’s schedule something!  Contact me and mention this post and get your Tween Session for $99!

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