Beginning Steps in Faith with First Holy Communion

Spring is the time for new beginnings and there are few things more special than that first step of faith celebrating a child’s first communion.

There is something about the ritual of making that first holy communion that is very special and I feel so fortunate when I get to capture these precious moments for families.  Miss G’s mom was eager to have a portrait session for her daughter.  In spite of the cold temps and wind, the session ended up just lovely.  Miss G was a rock star braving the cold, tolerating us throwing a sweater backward to cover her arms and then taking only a few quick breaks in the church.

The church was another special treat.  We happened to be there just as service ended and we were allowed to take a few special images inside.  St Alphonsus is a beautiful church, inside and out.

Why schedule a separate First Communion Session?

Many churches offer first communion photos as part of their service and for others, just having mom, dad, or grandpap snap a few pictures is all that happens.  Scheduling a specific portrait session to capture this moment is good for several reasons.

First, scheduling a first holy communion session gives you the opportunity to capture these precious moments of your child without all of the other families marking this occasion.  Whether it’s in the church or outside, the mood of the portraits changes when it’s just you and your child.

Another practical reason to schedule a first holy communion session is to try out the outfit.  Scheduling portraits give you an opportunity to see how the dress or suit fits and to try out the hairstyle.

It’s also a special way to mark this milestone.

first communion photo.  image of a little girl in white dress and veil, St Alphonsus Church, Wexford

image of a little girl wearing white dress and veil for first holy communion at St Alphonsus Church, Wexford

first holy communion portraits. images of a little girl wearing a white dress and veil, kneeling in front of the cross

image of a little girl in white dress and veil sitting in church pew looking down

black and white image of a little girl wearing a white first communion dress and veil.  She's sitting in a pew with her hands on the railing, holding a white set of rosary beads. black and white image of white rosary beads in a little girl's hands

image of a little girl in first holy communion dress, standing next to church pew.  She's looking at the camera and smiling.

image of little girl in white first communion dress reading a prayer book in her lap while sitting outside of a church in  Wexfordimage of little girl in first holy communion dress at St Alphosus Church, Wexford

There is still time to book a special session like this.  Contact me to discuss scheduling or let’s plan another session to capture your family’s special moments!

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