Getting to watch a family come together and grow is a very special thing and there is only one family that I can say I was lucky enough to be there at the beginning.  Because I no longer photograph weddings, these days, I’m often coming into the story after it has begun.  The couple has married and have now added a baby to the mix and I show up to capture that moment.  This family is special because we met through a mutual friend as they were scrambling to quickly plan their wedding.  They needed a photographer.  I was slowly getting out of weddings but not completely ready to be done and so I stepped in.  She was stunning.  He was handsome.  And it was obvious how much they loved each other.  I loved being able to capture this part of their story.

From that moment, I’ve been fortunate to watch their family grow.  First with little Miss B and now with baby sister Miss K.

Session Details- In-Home Newborn, Posed and LifeStyle

  • Session Type: Newborn LifeStyle
  • Subject: Newborn baby girl, Toddler big sister, mother, father
  • Location: Pittsburgh

newborn baby girl with dark hair wrapped in light gray wrapnewborn baby girl with dark hair in a light pink wrapnewborn baby girl with dark hair in a light pink wrapnewborn baby girl with dark hair in a light pink wrap

newborn baby girl with pink flower headband and light gray wrap

I try to include a mix of moments with mom and dad along with the posed images.  For me, it always comes back to telling the story of this new little life and a big part of that story is the people who love this little one.  First it was big sister!

smiling toddler girl with curly hair and pink flower dress

I just love her little face with her baby sister!

toddler big sister with newborn baby and mother

Then we had some moments with mom and dad.

Pittsburgh documentary style portrait session with mother, father and newborn baby girl

And while family pictures with a 2 yr old and a newborn are challenging, they are not impossible!

documentary style portrait of mother, father, toddler big sister and newborn

These images were all photographed in the family’s home.  Yes, you can have beautiful newborn photos without having to leave your home.   I offer in-home newborn photography for families in Western PA.  Contact me and we can begin to plan your next session.


I’ve finally made the jump into senior photography!  After devoting more and more time to tweens and teens, it seemed like a natural progression to start working with seniors.  When I was approached by the family of one of my previous ballerinas, how could I possibly resist?!

Now, I have to admit it, I love when my clients have creative challenges for me!

Miss Raine, a senior at CAPA, wanted her senior portraits done with her snare drum… and glitter!  Mom explained that her daughter was eager to get this one shot where the glitter explodes upward as she hits the drum.  Of course, I said sure, let’s do it.  The artist in me loves the opportunity to experiment and play to create new kinds of images.  After some research, practice and then some assistance by a good (and technically saavy) friend we were able to capture some of my favorite images ever!

Session details- Senior

  • Session Type: On Location Senior Session
  • Subject: Senior Girl
  • Location: Downtown Pittsburgh

I was so impressed by this young lady’s energy and openness.

senior girl and her snare drum posing in downtown Pittsburgh

And isn’t she simply stunning!!

senior girl and her snare drum posing in downtown Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh senior girl with gold glitter flying up from her snare drum

Pittsburgh senior girl with gold glitter flying up from her snare drum

Pittsburgh senior girl with gold glitter flying up from her snare drum

Pittsburgh senior girl in purple headband and black jacket

Once the glitter was done, it was time for a quick change and a few more portraits on the streets of Pittsburgh.

joyful senior girl in downtown PittsburghRaine, you have the best smile!  It just lights up everything around you!  I was grinning the entire time while I worked on your session!

senior girl in downtown Pittsburgh

portrait of a senior girl smiling and laughing

teen girl portrait in Pittsburgh

teen girl portrait in Pittsburgh

teen girl portrait in Pittsburgh

teen girl portrait in Pittsburgh

Urban senior portrait session in downtown Pittsburgh

Miss Raine, it was a pleasure to work with you!  I’m excited to hear about all that you accomplish in the future.  Stay confident and true to yourself (because from what I saw, you’re pretty amazing)!

If you are still looking for senior portraits or if you are interested in my other tween and teen session opportunities, contact me.  I love creating images that capture not only your child’s smile but that also document their passions.



I’ve written before about how I’m not a huge fan of change.  I find it uncomfortable and yet, it’s good to be a little uncomfortable.  It’s especially good for artists to be a little uncomfortable.  That is how I felt going into this session.  I was uncomfortable because I was photographing a new client in a completely new location.

While I’ve lived in the Pittsburgh area for all but 5 years of my life, before this summer, I had never been to McConnells Mills.  I remember friends taking hiking trips there in college but for one reason or another, I never went.

So I’m encouraging my followers to not make that same mistake.

McConnells Mills is a gorgeous park with an old mill building, covered bridge and creek with plenty of interesting rocks along it’s banks.  We were a little early for fall foliage but I can imagine how gorgeous the park is.

Miss T reached out to me during my Spring Tween BFF contest to schedule her own tween session.  She is an active young lady who enjoys hiking with her family and McConnells Mills is one of their favorite spots to hike.  One thing I’m enjoying with my tween sessions is getting to incorporate their interests into their sessions- swimming, dancing, hiking, playing guitar…  All of these activities can tell a bit more of this time in your life.  I think back to what I was doing in middle school, playing soccer, starting piano lessons and lots of drawing.  They were activities that I loved then and still enjoy doing today.  They’re part of my story.

Now I had a gorgeous location, an active and engaging subject, what was there to be nervous about you may be wondering?

I like to have my photo spots in mind when I plan sessions.  I want to be able to devote my full attention to my subject and not be wondering where we’re going for the next round of images.  While I did visit the park prior to the session, it was still a very new spot.  And parks like this can change drastically depending on the recent weather making the creek higher and rocks wet and slippery.

So I was a little nervous about where to shoot.  Then I discovered that I had no cell service in this part of the park.  Yep, nothing like trying to meet up with a new client and having zero bars.  All of this stuff sets off my anxiety.

Fortunately, I didn’t need to worry much.  As you can see, my client found me and we found some amazing spots for photos!

Session Details-Teen/Tween Session

  • Session Type: Tween
  • Subject: Tween girl
  • Location: McConnells Mills State Park


tween girl in flowered top at McConnells Mills State Park, Pennsylvania

collage of portraits with a tween girl at McConnells Mills State Park, PennsylvaniaMiss T was both natural and fearless during her session!  She kicked off her fancy heels and climbed out on the rocks with me for some beautiful shots next to the creek.  I think I was more nervous, the mama bear in me wanting to keep her safe as well as not wanting to send myself tumbling with thousands of dollars in camera gear on my shoulder.

portrait of tween girl by Slippery Rock Creek at McConnells Mills State Park

tween girl in flowered top at McConnells Mills State Park, Pennsylvania

portrait of tween girl by Slippery Rock Creek at McConnells Mills State Park

portrait of tween girl by Slippery Rock Creek at McConnells Mills State Park

portrait of tween girl by Slippery Rock Creek at McConnells Mills State Park

Miss T, you are a gorgeous girl!!  Keep on hiking!

And if you know an adventurous teen or tween who would love a session like this, contact me and we can start planning!!


Pumpkin spice has made it’s appearance!  That means fall is right around the corner with it’s crisp air, fiery trees and comfy sweaters.

That also means it’s time to start planning for fall family portraits sessions.

Once again I’ll be scheduling Short Sessions during the months of September, October and November.  I have a limited number of appointments available so it’s best to schedule early to guarantee your spot.

Short sessions are a perfect way to update your photos (and get that special image for your holiday card)!  And just so you know, I will still be scheduling full sessions for newborns, tweens and families as well.

Last year’s fall sessions were so much fun!  We had leaf battles, tree climbing, and deer spotting!  Not to mention lots of hugs and laughs.  Oh and 4 legged family members are welcome too!

fall family portraits with Jodi Walsh Photography

About the session

Sessions are $225.  I offer flexible scheduling for your 1 hour session on location.  Sessions include a $125 print credit and 3 digital files with print release.  My short session clients can expect a gallery of 20 re-touched images within 2 weeks of their session.  Additional products and digital files are available for purchase from your final gallery.

For additional session and booking information, please email me or fill out my contact form and I’ll be happy to get back to you so we can start planning!


Volleyball Players Pittsburgh Session

Last week I posted a teen/tween sisters session that we had in downtown Pittsburgh.   We spent our time walking around the cultural district and just enjoying empty streets on a Sunday.  This is rare and made possible because football season hasn’t officially started yet and the Pirates were out of town.

Teen sessions are all about capturing YOU (the teen) and clothing is a big part of that.  I encourage my clients to plan on two outfits for their session- usually one is more formal and one is more casual.  For this session, the girls decided that they wanted to have their second outfit be their volleyball uniforms.  Needless to say, I was so excited for this!

My high school soccer photos never looked this cool!

Pittsburgh urban teen session in volleyball uniforms

Pittsburgh urban teen portrait session in volleyball uniform

Making a Difference

Miss M plays for the high school volleyball team.  It’s a sport that she’s very passionate about, even traveling to Florida this summer to participate in a tournament!  What’s also cool about Miss M is that she created and implemented a small volleyball camp for elementary and middle school girls over the summer for her senior project.  For 3 mornings back in June, girls from grades 5 and up could go to the gym and begin to learn volleyball skills.  My daughter participated and loved it!  And I was so surprised and impressed that it was organized by this 15 yr old!!


Pittsburgh urban teen portrait session in volleyball uniform

Pittsburgh urban teen session in volleyball uniforms

Miss NK isn’t old enough yet to play on the high school team but she is working hard and honing her skills.  I’m confident that she’ll be there soon enough!

pittsburgh urban tween volleyball player in black uniformPittsburgh urban teen session in volleyball uniforms

A portrait should show who you are and that can include what activities you do.  !And having your portrait taken should be an exciting experience where you walk away feeling confident and proud of who you are and how you look.  I’m learning that no matter how amazing you look on the outside, often we don’t feel that confident on the inside but just the right image can change that feeling.  Do you have a teen or tween who would love a session like this?    Contact me and let’s start planning

S i g n   u p   f o r   E m a i l   O f f e r s