What photography captures

all the moments on the journey

“Despite knowing the journey… and where it leads… I embrace it… and I welcome every moment of it.” Louis Banks, Arrival.

Embracing every moment. That’s the purpose of photography, to help us embrace our moments.

Our lives are full of the big, once-in-a-lifetime moments as well as the small, everyday moments. It’s like looking at an Impressionist painting and seeing the subject – the church, the haystacks, the water lilies – from far away and then moving in and seeing the individual brushstrokes up close. Together they make a full and rich picture.

Our moments are like that too. We have big events, like welcoming a new baby, celebrating a First Holy Communion, graduating from high school. But we also have those everyday occurrences, snuggling for a story with mama, baking cookies in the kitchen, going for a walk with papa. The small moments that can blur together but are still part of the broader picture of us.

All of the moments, the big and the small tell our family story.

So how do we hang on to those big and small moments?

with photography

What stories do your photos tell?

All of our photos tell different stories and those stories are valuable. From the formal portraits to the cell phone snapshots, our photos capture those big and small moments and preserve them as part of our history.

Portraits are more than just pretty posed images marking the passage of time. Photos have the potential of bringing your family history to life. They show the first moments when our little ones were so small they could curl up easily in one arm. They show that first-grade toothless grin. They remind us of fishing trips, playing games in the backyard, and visits to the park. They show our kids growing and changing but they also remind us of the shared stories and memories that accompany those moments.

having photos of the everyday moments is just as important as having photos of the big moments

How do you look at your photos?

When I was growing up, photos filled albums, frames, and my dad’s slide carousel. I remember spending hours flipping through photo albums, looking at younger versions of my parents and grandparents. And I’ll admit, I really just wanted to see me in the pictures. About once each year, my dad would set up his projection screen and slide carousel for a family slide show. As he would click through the slides, we would tell stories, share memories, and laugh with each other.

Today looking at family photos is often a solo event. We sit at a screen and scroll. Our photos sit on technology and often, it’s not long before they’re forgotten. Phones break. A hard drive crashes. They become hard to find.

What if we made a point of printing our photos and putting them out for people to see. Filling frames and books in our home. What if we brought back the slide show with digital slide shows that we can watch on our TVs. Bringing back the family experience of revisiting our images and retelling our family stories.

images trapped in technology become easy to lose

How I can help

Taking beautiful images is just the first step as your photographer. To capture your family story, we also need to have a plan for helping you to be able to share and revisit your story. That means having a variety of products that fit your family.

It’s important to have prints to hang in your home but imagine having a book of photos that you can curl up with your little ones and tell them their stories. Books where you can write your own notes and memories from your family moments.

It’s great to have digital files but how can you share them? Having web-sized images ready for social media creates opportunities to share online and having a digital slideshow opens up the possibility of watching your family moments together. Digital files also create a digital archive, preserving your family history for years to come.

both physical products and digital archives preserve all of your family moments for years to come

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