a little about me


Jodi Walsh is a Pittsburgh area photographer specializing in newborn, children and tween creative portraiture.  In addition to her years of experience as a photographer, she has degrees in fine art as well as in art education from Carnegie Mellon and the Maryland Institute College of Art.

“I’ve been able to take my knowledge of art and child development and use it to create images that beautifully capture your child as they grow.”

I’m married with 2 kids (14 mos apart in age) and while my kids are older now, I totally remember and understand the craziness of life with small children.  I also know that families aren’t perfect but that even the most imperfect families can still walk away with images that capture both beauty and love.  That’s what I wish for all of my clients.


photo by Jen McKen









a little about your session


Choosing to plan a custom photography session can be a big (and sometimes overwhelming) decision.  Images are everywhere, especially with social media.  We are regularly hit with images of gorgeous babies and perfectly loving and stylish families.   This can also be intimidating and can leave you feeling like you’re the only one constantly remembering to put your shirt on right-side out or to wipe the nutella off the face of your own beautiful child.

But, “Don’t be intimidated!

Getting family photos taken does not have to be a stressful, pressure-filled chore!

And it’s not just for perfectly gorgeous families!

Jodi Walsh Photography

I firmly believe in the power of images! I also believe that with the right photographer, any family can look like the beautiful, loving family that they are.

My goal for my sessions is to provide a pleasing photography experience, great images, heirloom quality products and exceptional customer service.  This is important whether you choose sweet and simple portraits or to document a special event from start to finish.

To help you and your children get comfortable with me, I spend a lot of time down on the same level as your child.  I talk to them, ask questions and try to make them laugh.  I want you to relax and enjoy each other in the moment.  As a photographer, my goal is to observe and capture.  However, I will also give directions because often, we can use some help in how to sit or look in the way that’s most flattering.

Contact me and let’s talk about planning your next photo session!


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