What are Storybook Portraits?

Once upon a time there was a girl who loved stories and loved to play pretend.  If she wasn’t lying in a sunbeam and reading a story, she was out in the backyard, pretending to be in the story.  Then one day, the little girl grew up, got married and had her own little girl.  As she watched that little girl grow, she discovered that the little girl also had the same love of stories and pretending.  Together they would create costumes and play pretend and the mama would take pictures and create storybooks from their adventures.

And that was how storybook portraits began…


Why plan a Storybook Session?

Storybook portrait sessions encourage creativity and pretend.  While I love my portrait work, I also recognize that I’m an artist at heart.  I love using my photography to create art. Storybook portraits give us an opportunity to collaborate and create a unique (and hopefully magical) portrait experience.  These sessions can result in the creation of a single piece of fine art or an entire album that tells a complete story.  But most importantly, these sessions create lasting memories of your child’s imagination and play.

Storybook sessions are designed specifically for your child- costume, location and special editing -to create a truly magical experience that you and your child will remember always.

Ultimately, this session is not just about the images.  It’s about the experience of transforming into someone else.  It’s about the limitless possibilities of a child’s imagination and about trying to capture and record that magic.  Choose from one of the many costumes that I already have or let’s work together and create your own unique costume.  All your child has to do is be willing to dress up and play.  I’ll offer encouragement and possibly a little direction and together, we’ll create a little story together.

Check out my portfolio to get an idea of what we can create for you!

Also, find out what costumes I have for using during your session or where to pick out your own costume by visiting my Costume Page.


Ready to Book!

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